Sunday, 27 April 2014

N.S.W. Premier vs Newstart Recipient

I was wondering what would have happened if Mr. Barry O’Farrell was a Newstart recipient instead of the Premier of New South Wales on the 15th of April this year.

Centrelink Employee: Barry we have a report of you receiving a “gift” worth $3,000. Do you have anything to say about why you did not mention this on your dole form?

Mr O’Farrell: I never received such a gift, I deny all knowledge of ever receiving any gift.

Centrelink Employee: Barry; here is the delivery notice and a note written by you to the person who gave you the gift where you thank them for the gift. Do you deny that this is your hand writing?

Mr O’Farrell: That is my writing, but I cannot remember receiving the gift, I was very busy at that time.

Centrelink Employee: Really Barry do you expect us to believe that - you have wilfully defrauded the government. I wonder what else you have forgotten to tell the department ?

Mr O’Farrell: It was an oversight on my part, I’m sorry it won’t happen again.

Centrelink Employee: I’m glad that you have admitted you guilt but your payments have been cancelled while we investigate your case and proceed with the fraud charges against you.

If Mr Barry O’Farrell was the average older aged Newstart recipient he would be long term unemployed, renting a house and have little to no additional resources to see him through these difficulties. There is a good chance he would lose his house and he and his family would join the many homeless in N.S.W.

If the conviction of fraud is proven in the court, which it will be since he has admitted receiving the gift, his chances of gaining employment have diminished. Who wants to employ a convicted criminal?

Such are the differences in our classless society.

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