Friday, 16 May 2014

When Joe Hockey Dances

When millionaire Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey dances.....

ABC News 14 May 2014:

Oakes: You were dancing in your office before you got up to give that speech, why were you dancing?
Hockey: Dancing?
Oakes: You put on a song called This Will Be the Best Day of My Life and danced with your wife.
Hockey: I think that was more about our little boy was there. I hadn't seen him for three weeks. I think that was more of the focus.
Oakes: The unemployed, the sick, the welfare recipients have been hit by the budget. They're not going to be dancing, are they?
Hockey: No, Laurie, they are not.
Oakes: Won't be the best day of their life.
Hockey: No, but it is the best day for Australia, Laurie. It's the best day for Australia because we are actually getting on with the job of building a stronger nation. That's what we're focused on, building a stronger nation. Hugely important.

When the unemployed, the sick, pensioners and low-income welfare recipients dance.....

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