Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Abbott Government's road map leading to the demise of a fair Australian society is revealed today

Depiction of food handouts Australia circa 1890
 "you got no charity [kindness] there" 
Professor Brian Dickey in 1987 quoting his grandmother 
Etching from Google Images

If ever one wanted proof that a federal government, led by a well-heeled, far-right god botherer and peopled at cabinet level by his fellow travellers, intends to send Australia back to late 19th Century inequitable economic and social conditions, this report is it – and make no mistake -  if the Abbott Government achieves a second term all of this will come to pass:

Australian Government National Commission of Audit 1 May 2014:

Towards Responsible Government

The Report of the National Commission of Audit
  • Phase One – February 2014   HTML | PDF
  • Phase Two – March 2014       HTML | PDF
Appendices to the Report of the National Commission of Audit
  • Volume 1 – February 2014   HTML | PDF
  • Volume 2 – February 2014   HTML | PDF
  • Volume 3 – March 2014       HTML | PDF

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