Sunday, 3 August 2014

Beliefs versus research in mainstream media

This is where reliance on belief led one university-educated journalist and news director.

The Daily Examiner 31 July 2014:

However I believe there are people out there who are getting benefits a little too easily these days and hopefully this will weed them out.

This is where reliance on research took another journalist.

A Department of Employment official has admitted the Abbott government has not done any modelling to estimate how many job seekers will find employment within three months after completing its multibillion-dollar work-for-the-dole program.
That is despite the government's own data showing work-for-the-dole programs are the least effective way to help people find jobs.
Department of Employment data shows that - for job seekers in 2013 - only 19.8 per cent of participants in work-for-the-dole schemes found a full- or part-time job within three months.
That compares with 40.3 per cent of people who did unpaid work experience, 28.4 per cent of those who completed some form of work training, 25.7 per cent who were trained in job search techniques, and 21 per cent of those who did voluntary work….
As of March 31, there were 17,000 job seekers who were doing work for the dole.

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This woman sure is proud of her non-stop work history, even if she is chopping up dead animals