Sunday, 24 August 2014

Yet another Northern Rivers' council turns its back on coal seam gas miner Metgasco Limited

ABC News 20 August 2014:

Gas company Metgasco says it's shocked and disappointed by a north coast council move against the gas industry.
At last night's council meeting the Richmond Valley Council made clear its view on unconventional gas mining.
The motion was as follows -
"That the Richmond Valley Council believes that given its current understandings and existing knowledge base around the unconventional gas industry, the potential effects on the environment, the uncertainty surrounding fracking and the strongly expressed community views against the unconventional gas industry that it cannot support the development of the unconventional gas industry in this local government area at this time. Further to this, that Council affirms its strong opposition to fracking in any form."
The motion passed, five votes to two with the Mayor Ernie Bennett and Councillor Sullivan voting against it.

Echo NetDaily 20 August 2014:

The reversal in council’s previous position follows the June meeting when Cr Robert Mustow received unanimous support for council to review the policy.
Deputy mayor Sandra Humphrys accepted Gasfield Free declarations  from the community of  Codrington, following their celebration on the weekend after 93 per cent of Codrington voted to remain Gasfield Free.
Richmond Valley resident Eric van Beurden, who was at the meeting, told Echonetdaily it was heartening to see that council has listened to locals’ concerns and ‘taken a stand in support of the stated wishes of the vast majority of their constituents’.
‘Several speakers presented summary results from all community surveys in the shire at the meeting, showing that between 85 per cent and 93 per cent of Richmond Valley residents want to remain Gasfield Free,’ Dr van Beurden said.
‘Councillors at last night’s meeting spoke about changing their position from one of neutrality to one of opposition based on several things, including widespread community opposition and information now available on the risks of unconventional gas mining,’ he said.

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