Saturday, 13 December 2014

How hot will it get on the NSW North Coast between now and 2079?

The NSW Dept. of Environment and Heritage has posted Climate Projection for NSW on its website.

These projections include a; Change in number of days a year max temp > 35ºC Hots days are projected to increase across the state by an average of 9 days per year by 2030. There are significant spatial differences across the state. The greatest increases are seen in the west of the region during summer and spring with an additional 10-20 days by 2030. The Great Dividing Range is not projected to experience any significant increases.

A summary of climate change predictions for the NSW North Coast and maps of projected changes in the region's maximum & minimum temperature, rainfall, and future forest fire risk can be found here.

This map shows the change in mean number of days over 35ºC on the North Coast from 1990 up to 2020-2039:

By 2060-2079 the map will look like this:


Anonymous said...

What a load of old bollocks - they can't even predict tomorrows temperature correctly, they have no idea about 2079!

The pity of it all is very few of us will be here to say "I told you so", still on past evidence re rising water levels I'm calling it a fraud now!

clarencegirl said...

Anonymous 11:57 13 December 2014,

If one bothers to consult original peer reviewed research, rather than relying on just what the media does or does not say and what anti-climate change commentators assert, then compare it with the vast body of genuine scientific literature - one would see that global sea levels are rising (subject to ocean bed topography/changing currents/heat expansion etc. AND air/land/sea temperatures are rising per hemisphere/regional predictions.

You make the classic mistake of believing that weather is the only determinate of climate.

It's way too late in the year to argue with ignorance.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Go away and annoy someone else.

Anonymous said...

Haha clarencegirl, all dissenting voices are not to be heard eh?

I'd suggest you remove the "Comments" block if you wish to invoke Stalinist-like media manipulation. And I'd just love to see the amount of research you've personally undertaken (and just what are your scientific qualifications?) to reach your "we'll all be ruined" conclusions!

I appreciate your lecture about "my classic mistake" but really, I'd suggest you start considering the enormity of the universe and the total insignificance of what man does to effect climate - it's like one ant trying to hold back a king tide.

In the meantime, Merry Xmas and a Happy New year to you also.