Thursday, 18 December 2014

Someone's not happy with the NSW Baird Government and their local National Party MP Chris Gulaptis - Part 2

Letter to the Editor in The Daily Examiner, 9 December 2014:

Gas or hot air?

Does Chris Gulaptis know what his government is doing when it comes to managing the state's unconventional gas resources?
Late last month, in his newsletter, Chris Gulaptis MP stated, 'The NSW Government is cancelling all CSG exploration licence applications... It is also buying back existing licences'.
Then, a week later, the Government approved Dart Energy's application to renew its licence for a further six year period. The licensed area for this exploration includes much of the Richmond Range, significant parts of the Richmond Valley around Coraki and Bungawalbin, and part of the Clarence lowlands around Tabbimoble.
As required under law, the government reduced the area of this renewed licence but chose to remove areas such as Byron Bay, Ballina and Lennox Head. This was presumably motivated by the fact that these lie in the Ballina electorate, which is considered vulnerable in next year's state election.
Voters in the Clarence electorate deserve more.
We should not be taken for fools who will tolerate gas exploration and the risk it poses to our water, land, air and climate.
Until all licences are cancelled, the future of our region's clean and green image remains at risk.


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