Thursday, 29 January 2015

Liberal Party State of Play (Part Two): Tony Abbott, Prime Clown of Australia

Taking a second twirl around the Australian reaction to Anthony John Abbott’s latest political gaffe and cultural cringe - discovering howls of laughter alongside expressions of disgust.

The newspaper front page mocking the Prime Minister:

The political cartoons:

The Twitter response:

Abbott’s response to the public response in The Age on 28 January 2015:

But when Mr Abbott was asked on Wednesday if he owed Mr Newman an apology for creating the knighthood distraction with his captain's pick during the last week of a tight state election campaign, the Prime Minister shifted the blame elsewhere.
"He wants to focus on his strong team with a strong plan," he said.
"I suspect it's the questioners that have stopped him from doing it.
"My focus is on jobs and families and I'm looking forward to getting back to that as quickly as I can."

His principal media ally’s response:

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