Monday, 9 February 2015

Desmond John Euen produces a slide show of his $22.6 billion plan to destroy the Clarence River estuary along with the communities of Yamba, Iluka, Goodwin and Chatsworth

The Clarence River on the NSW North Coast is home to the small Port of Yamba.

The Clarence River supports two towns dependent on tourism (including recreational fishing) at its trained river mouth, Yamba and Iluka.

Both towns also have commercial fishing fleets that in combination comprise one of the largest fleets in NSW. The Lower Clarence region seafood industry generates an estimated $40-60 million annually.

This is Lloyds of London’s Australian ports information for the Port of Yamba at the mouth of the Clarence River on the NSW Far North Coast: 
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This is Google Earth’s view of the restricted entrance to the Clarence River:

Excerpt from Port of Yamba Notice to Mariners, 12 January 2015:

These are the current upper range dimensions for vessels which can safely navigate the Clarence River lower estuary at high tide:

* 120m long
* 20m wide
* Draft having 10% Under Keel Clearance + 1.5m on approach and 10% Under Keel Clearance when underway.
Typical maximum draft appear to be 5m or under.

This is Desmond Euen’s fanciful proposal to blow up Dirrangun Reef (a significant Aboriginal mythological site under claim as part of the Lower Clarence River registered Native Title claim) and, dredge an 18m deep navigation channel from the river mouth up to Goodwin and Chatsworth islands, with twenty 18m deep berths at the proposed two terminals sites. Thereby permanently diminishing and perhaps irrevocably destroying the environmental, cultural and existing economic values of the Clarence River estuary system:

Full presentation slideshow here.

These are examples of the proposed Post Panamax container and bulk vessels, typically at least 366m long, 49m wide with a draught of 15.2m:

This is an example of the proposed Cape Size vessels, typically 280m long, 47m wide with a draft of 16m:

What such proposed large shipping will have to contend with if it actually could enter, berth and exit the Clarence River which is situated on an extensive flood plain:

9. Flood Conditions. Vessels that cannot be maintained at a safe berth will be required to clear the port before the onset of flood conditions. A flood may be associated with a weather system that produces sea conditions that close the port. Where this is possible early action will be taken to clear the port.
10. Impact. Floods can produce debris in the river making it unsuitable for safe navigation, propulsion and cooling systems use. Navigation aids can be displaced and river depths changed including the location of the navigation channels / best navigable water.
11. Tide heights will result in a positive residual tide and continuous ebb streams may occur regardless of tide heights and times. The port will work closely with the shipping industry to determine the likely impact and resume port operations and the earliest safe opportunity.


Des Euen, the ex-lorry driver from Queensland, has put forward a number of variations on his proposal for the Port of Yamba.

One he has taken to denying since 2013 is the plan to turn the port into a coal loading facility.

This is what Mr. Euen stated in an ABC News item on 27 May 2014:

"There has never been any plan by Australian Infrastructure Developments, or YPR Australia Pty Ltd to turn Yamba into a coal port.
"Not even in the equation.
"YPR Australia's intention is to turn Yamba Port into a container intermodal terminal, handling import-export cargoes that we daily need throughout Australia."

Yet this is what can still be found on his website to date at and

To make it perfectly clear here is the relevant passage again:

CSIRO map showing the Surat Basin which has existing and proposed new coal mines in the NSW section:

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N gibsn said...

In all my life I have seen anything so disgusting, he must be working for the Chinese, to destroy one of the most beautiful areas of Australia
To destroy communities, the sugar cane industry, the fishing industry, the tourist industry and the environment and habitat of millions of wildlife
Is utter ignorance of the ordinary Austraian citizen belief in the AUSTRALIAN way of life? Or doesn't that matter anymore?
If this disgusting proposition goes ahead then AUSTRALIA becomes one of China's 'islands' and there is no hope for us!
China cares for no other native animal but the panda so do we have to MURDER all our wildlife for the sake of the 'panda'
We are already doing an excellent job of trying to make extinct our very significant wildlife species. Australia has already made extinct
more varieties of wildlife in its short period of occupation than any other country on earth. WHAT A RECORD!
But to destroy communities and the old AUSTRALIAN way of life is simply NOT ON simply to bend to China's will!
Why don't you exterminate the Australian people?