Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Australian Federal Election 2016: Tony Abbott sings the 'I did it my way but I'll mend my ways' song again

Remember the promise to be “more consultative” after an “injudicious” knighting of Prince Phillip? Recall the promise of no more captain’s picks and to run a more "collegiate" party room in future?  What about the promise after the first “chastening” Libspill  that “good government starts today”?

Former prime minister and MP for Warringah Tony Abbott has been admitting his mistakes and promising to do better – over and over and over again – and now he’s doing it once more and still expecting to be believed.

His latest siren song has silly lyrics and he is singing off key.

The Australian, 23 April 2016:

A contrite Tony Abbott, in a unique exercise in self-criticism, has conceded a long list of mistake­s and misjudgments in relation­ to policy, public opinion and dealings with colleagues that were instrumental in costing him the prime ministership.

Mr Abbott’s admissions constitute­ a deep personal reassessment. He pledges to try to rectify­ in his future public life the lessons from his inadequacies as prime minister.

He concedes that the Abbott government failed to rise to the challenges of “greater fairness, more thoroughgoing justice and deeper empowerment”.

The litany of admitted failures, large and small, has no parallel as a public confession for a deposed prime minister, even though most are made in hindsight. Mr Abbott says: “I made some unnecessary enemies and left too many friends feeling under-appreciated.

“I can’t let pride in what was achieved under my leadership blind me to the flaws that made its termination easier, even if claims were exaggerated or exploited in self-serving ways.”
He concedes “there were some issues the Abbott government could have managed better or not pursued at all”.

Mr Abbott’s comments are made in an article, obtained by The Weekend Australian, to be published in the May issue of Quadrant magazine. It is the third and last in a series reviewing his government….

Signalling a willingness to remain in public life, Mr Abbott says that he hopes to address his failures “in my future public life”….

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