Sunday, 22 May 2016

How the bets are running at the start Week 3 in the 2016 Australian federal election campaign

At 1.48pm on 21 May 2016 this was how betting on the Australian federal election results for 2 July……

According to Oddschecker 72.65% of bets were on the Australian Labor Party and 27.3% on the Liberal-Nationals Coalition and the market stood like this:

Sportbet was taking bets on the size of the cross bench and who will control the Senate:

When it came to betting on the three most topical seats in New South Wales Sportsbet’s odds for Wentworth (Malcolm Turnbull MP),  New England (Barnaby Joyce MP) and Warringah (Tony Abbott MP) and were:

Betting on individual electorate outcomes in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales according to Sportsbet:


* 1.01 is likely an automated lay price because there has been no bet placed yet for the Coalition.



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