Sunday, 19 June 2016

What all conservative pollies, candidates and mainstream commentators are beginning to look like in the last stretch of this long federal election campaign

One can’t switch on the television or open a digital device without seeing a conservative taking head with the single underlying message “let me keep my lucrative job”, “give me that lucrative job” or "I want that lucrative job to go to my mate".

The blame for this personal cynical take on the current political struggle lies solely at the feet of Team Turnbull, for deciding to call a double dissolution of federal parliament in 2016 with the longest election campaign held in my voting lifetime.

It doesn’t matter if I like the individual talking heads or hate them – entering Week 7 of the eight week campaign they are all beginning to look like this:

Although it's not just voters who are becoming a bit tetchy.

Here's an ABC video clip of Country Liberal Party MP Natasha Griggs, who voluntarily entered this political marathon and was wearing a campaign T-shirt at the time, objecting physically to being filmed at the Palmerston Night Market......

Tough tatties Ms. Griggs, you and your Abbott-Turnbull Government cronies are the reason many of us are praying that we just survive the nonsense until 2 July.

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Anonymous said...

i believe should could be breaking the law. I don't think it is ilegal to film anyone in a public place?? correct me if I am wrong.