Tuesday, 13 December 2016

SGS Australian Cities Accounts 2014-15 and regional New South Wales

SGS Economics and Planning’s Australian Cities Accounts 2014-15 makes some interesting observations about regional New South Wales.

When looking at GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT - VOLUME MEASURE 2014-15: Regional NSW it finds this economic profile:

GDP ($ millions) $128,944 - that is $128.9 billion
Annual GDP Growth 2014-15 0.6%
Average Annual Growth (04-05 to 14-15) 0.8%
Share of NSW GDP (2014-15) 8.0%
Contribution to GDP Growth Whole Period (1989-90 to 2014- 15) 4.3%

“Growth of 0.6 per cent in Regional New South Wales was in the face of weakness across a range of industries”.
“…worst performing regions in per capita terms were Regional New South Wales, Brisbane and Queensland”.

Economy.id estimates that the Gross Regional Product for 2015 in Northern Rivers local government areas was worth:

Clarence Valley - $1.73 billion
Ballina Shire - $1.77 billion
Byron Shire - $1.47 billion
Lismore City - $2.05 billion

Kyogle Council supplied its own data which did not go beyond 2012, stating that its GRP was $330.8 million in 2011/12.

Total Estimated  Northern Rivers GRP in excess of $7.02 billion.

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