Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Dear Michaelia, About that young man......

In April 2016 an 18 year-old young man suffered a fatal injury while taking part in a Turnbull Government Work for the Dole program in Toowoomba ,Queensland.

He was cleaning up rubbish at the local showgrounds which is owned and operated by the Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland (RASQ).

According to New Matilda in May 2016: On the very same day the young man was killed – in a grim coincidence – a group of unionists, social workers, activists and unemployed workers met in Melbourne. The conference was organised by the Australian Unemployed Workers’ Union, and heard testimony from people placed in Work for the Dole programs about the absence of proper safety measures on their sites. Little did they know that at the moment they were discussing these problems, the program claimed what may be its first fatality.

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