Saturday, 3 May 2008

"Moggy Musings" [Archived material from Boy the Wonder Cat]

Furry musing:
Bernard Salt, a self-styled demographer, says that in a few years about 30% of all Australians will live alone and that many will have companion animals instead of kids. He calls these households fur families.
I like it. Pets rule, O.K.!
You're my Hero musing:
This week Tuffy the Queensland kitten was rescued from the fatal clutches of a large python by her human, Ruth Butterworth, who was bitten twice and had her arm broken during the rescue. Ruth was a real hero and Tuffy is one lucky cat in March 2008.
An adoption musing:
Every week on the NSW North Coast a number of cats and dogs find themselves without a home.
If you want to do your bit and give one bundle of joy a new family, contact Happy Paws on 0419 404 766

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