Thursday, 12 November 2009

NSW public servants have too much time on their hands?

NSW State Water Corporation has an e-tendering training page on its website and someone down south obviously thought it would be hilarious if the example contract used on the page was for a Clarence Dam.

Yes, very funny.
Folks on the NSW North Coast get the joke after spending so much time and effort repelling water raiders wanting to dam our coastal rivers - in particular the Clarence River.
Not so sure those down at Lithgow would be amused though - given their own problems with a "Clarence Dam".

This is the Training version of the NSW eTendering system.

The records found on this website are not real.

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Archived Tender Detail View - SWC99999

Publish Date 14-May-2009
Close Date & Time 14-May-2009 12:45pm

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