Saturday, 22 September 2012

Gays, creepy people and creatures should not be allowed to marry according to Liberal Party Senator Bernardi

The very Christian Liberal Party Senator Cory Bernardi decided in favour of a number of rather strange ‘facts’ in his contribution to the Marriage Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2012  debate of 18 September 2012.
His own personal slippery slope has government-sanctioned same-sex marriage leading to widespread polygamy, an increase in bestiality and the formal recognition of marriage between creatures.

Highly offensive as it is to try to equate homosexuality with bestiality, it was the term creatures which set me to musing.

Wondering about the current state of conjugal relationships in the animal kingdom, I came to the only conclusion possible.

You are too late, Senator! When cats took over the Internet pictorial evidence of formal animal marriage, even inter-species unions, began to proliferate.
They have been doing it behind your conservative political back for years!

No wonder you were forced to resign from the Opposition front bench. Strong indignation from those you maligned, combined with general laughter at your absurdity, must have caused your leader more than a little heartburn at the thought of the next opinion poll.

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