Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Fractured Fairy Tale From The Kingdom of Agrariae Socialismi

Once upon a time the Lord High Chamberlain of Emperor Mellifluous in the Kingdom of Agrariae Socialismi became worried about the number of scribes living in the land.

He worried, not for his emperor, but for himself. He did not think the peasants were suitably in awe of him or that the emperor's inner council looked up to him and he suspected that the scribes' pens were often dipped in irony.

Believing that no-one knew what he did to neuter the scribes in another land in the distant past, he decided that he would beg his master to employ a lowly scribe for him, who would sign the parchments on which his own words were written and who would convince the other scribes that they should never seek an audience with Emporer Mellifluous or anyone on his inner council.

In this way the Lord High Chamberlain hoped to keep information secret close to his chest and control all the news across the land.

Unfortunately, his first scribe from those long ago days had talked - and the people of the Kingdom of Agrariae Socialismi had listened well to travellers' tales.

So they won't be drinking the cold mead.

to be continued...

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