Friday, 21 February 2014

Defending their Jenny

Letter to the editor in The Northern Star, 15 February 2014:

Poor treatment
For nearly 5.5 years Lismore local government area has had the enormous benefit of Jenny Dowell as our mayor. I have had the privilege of working with Jenny as both Deputy Mayor and Councillor and I would estimate that Jenny spends at least 60 hours a week on her Mayoral duties. Jenny is scrupulous in not taking advantage of her role for political ends and supports decisions of Council even when she personally disagrees with them.
This does not mean that I or everybody agrees with Jenny on every issue.
However I strongly believe she is deserving of our respect.
Frankly I have been appalled by the way our Mayor has been treated over the issue of fluoridation of our water supply. In recent months our Mayor has received death threats, been abused repeatedly in social media, had people shout and scream at her in all manner of public places, had her integrity called into question and had people turn their backs on her. All because she supports, as do five other Councillors the artificial fluoridation of our water supply. Can I suggest that for all of us who oppose fluoride that taking out our anger and frustration on our mayor is not only totally disrespectful of someone deserving of our greatest respect, but also completely counter- productive to the campaign to keep fluoride out of our water supply.
Cr Simon Clough
Lismore City Council

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