Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Abbott Government has decided to make guinea pigs of the under 30s living on the NSW North Coast

According to the Herald Sun on 27 May 2014, from 1 July 2014, jobseekers aged 18 to 30 years of age, living in the Richmond, Tweed, Clarence Valley, Ballina, Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour areas, and who have been receiving Youth Allowance or Newstart for 12 months or more, will be required to undergo approximately 15 hours a week compulsory work for the dole for a period of six months.

After that these job seekers will receive no unemployment benefit for the next six months.

From 1 January 2015 those job seekers on Newstart will be switched to the lesser benefit, Youth Allowance.

Also from that date any person under 30 years of age who becomes unemployed will be unable to apply for Youth Allowance for up to six months depending on their work history.


Robert Sullivan said...

I believe the Work for the Dole program might be unconstitutional. Perhaps we ought to crowdfund a lawyer to take the matter to the High Court!

Anonymous said...

14They should use the labour force to create a HEMP farm. They could use their collective talents to create an ongoing HEMP industry in the region... green renewable sustainable resource that is carbon friendly.. for the unemployed... they could 'invest' in the co-op and have a personal interest in seeing this happen and profit sharing potential. There are so many talented people out there we need to create and industry... They could start with something really simple like hempcrete brick factory computer skills needed for design and advertising... finances .. sooo many skills could be utilized. They would need an industrial hemp license so there is so much room to use so many latent skills.. lets make business people out of them instead of slaves..

Anonymous said...

they will begin with the under 30's and it will end only when all unemployed are in the same situation, it has happened before under the Howard government, and if allowed to go ahead it will be more of the same , I see this as a form of discrimination against those who have no choice nor desire to be unemployed , most unemployed will take the job if it there to be taken.