Wednesday, 25 March 2015

So how much money did political parties raise in the eight months leading up to the 2015 state election in NSW?

During the eight months leading up to the NSW state election on 28 March 2015, the main political parties were in fund raising mode as set out in the mandatory disclosure of political donations for that period:

Australian Labor Party NSW raised $1,043,516.58
NSW Country Labor raised $31,700
The Greens raised $129,414.08
Christian Democratic Party raised $92,417.29
Shooters & Fishers Party NSW raised $42,645
Liberal Party of Australia NSW raised an amount that was not totalled in its disclosure of political donations. However as listed donations ran to 44 full pages (compared to Labor’s 15 pages) and, most of these were for sums $1,000 and over, I would suggest that this party raised the largest amount of all the political parties.

In the Clarence electorate the sitting Nationals MP raised zero dollars, as did the Nationals MP for Lismore, the outgoing Nationals MP for Ballina and the Nationals MP for Tweed – so it appears any money being spent on NSW North Coast campaigning is coming straight from head office in Sydney.

Interested political tragics can go to for the disclosures of all the registered political parties in New South Wales.

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