Friday, 10 March 2017

Clarence Valley Council: did he jump or was he pushed?

Did Clarence Valley General Manager Scott Greensill jump or was he pushed out the door on 3 March 2017?

Today’s joint statement by Clarence Valley Council Mayor Jim Simmons and Mr. Greensill announcing the general manager's resignation effective 5pm on 10 March 2017 is correct in so far as the resignation occurred.

If one leaves aside the fact that within days of council’s 21 February 2017 ordinary monthly meeting there was a strong rumour abroad that a majority of councillors had formally expressed a view that they had no confidence in the general manager.

If that rumour is true, then the general manager’s position was untenable. He had as near as was possible been politely handed his hat and shown the door.

The upside for the general manager is that he can now afford to take an extended paid holiday before he needs to look for new employment, given his 2015 renegotiated contract still had so long to run and a lump sum payment would have been inevitable.

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