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Monday, 10 July 2017

Anthony John "Tony' Abbott MP: "a study in male rage"

The Saturday Paper, 8-!4 July @017:
Periodically, a fact is so self-evident that to state it can make its obviousness seem startling. This, for example: There is no force in public life more destructive than Tony Abbott.

For almost a decade, since he first became opposition leader, Tony Abbott has held Australia to ransom. He has trashed four parliaments. None were better for his presence in them.

His solitary skill is damage. He has wrecked institutions, torn down careers. He has ridiculed the rule of law and coarsened the realm of debate. He has governed against minorities and indulged himself at the expense of duty.

In opposition, he was driven by entitlement, by a loon-eyed belief that he had been anointed to higher office. Here was a man whose mother believed he would be pope or prime minister. Ill discipline denied him the former and cost him the latter.

Having lost the leadership, Abbott is driven by revenge. He has no interest but himself. His anger is the anger of confusion. Abbott cannot reconcile that the world is not the way he imagined it to be, with him as prime minister and the country docile in its satisfaction. This confusion is greater than simple self-interest: it is driven by the fact Abbott never understood he was living in a contemporary society; he governed for a world that no longer existed, for a fantasy of the past. His leadership was always illusory. His default has always been treachery.

That one man could do so much damage is testament to his corrosive gift for harm. Here is the man who held back the country on climate action, who invented whole electoral edifices to deny marriage equality. Here is the man who weaponised a fear of refugees and later Muslims, who made citizenship a plaything, who fractured the community in the hope of leading its broken wreckage. Here is a man for whom truth is an abstract concept. The most honest thing to be said about him is that he has a working substitute for integrity.

A person of any dignity would resign the parliament. There is no room for him in it and he has nothing to offer if he stays. Each day he remains, he serves only as a lesson in the flaws of the human character. He is a study in male rage…….

Tony Abbott has never provided good government. He has spent almost a decade denying it. The only decent thing he has left to contribute is his resignation.

*Photograph of Tony Abbott found on Google Images

Monday, 25 January 2016

The only way Tony Abbott will leave the Australian Parliament is if the voters of Warringah kick him out

Apparently desperate to hang on to his seat, parliamentary salary and entitlements, as well as intent on regaining the prime ministerial position he now recalls he ‘left’ rather than was sacked from – far-right politician Anthony John “Tony” Abbott is renominating in the Warringah electorate as a candidate in the 2016 federal general election.




After leaving the prime ministership, I said that I would spend some time talking to family, trusted colleagues and local Liberals about my future. I have been heartened by the support and encouragement I’ve received to continue to serve the country as a member of parliament. 

Therefore, I am renominating to represent the people of Warringah for another term as their Liberal MP.

I am proud of my work to establish the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust that has done so much to improve the amenity of former military land on North Head, Middle Head and Georges Heights. Should I be renominated and elected, I am looking forward to working with Premier Mike Baird to ensure that the Warringah Peninsula gets better transport links to the rest of Sydney.

It has been a great honour to serve the people of Warringah for 22 years and I hope to retain their trust and confidence.

Though I am not sure that the NSW Division of the Liberal Party of Australia or the voters of Warringah are quite as enthusiastic as Abbott about his candidature.

Cartoon by Cathy Wilcox at
The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 December 2015:

Former prime minister Tony Abbott should quit Parliament at the next election to make way for new talent according to a majority of electors within his own safe Liberal seat of Warringah.

With Liberal MPs and supporters reading the signs of growing disunity within the Turnbull government as Mr Abbott and other malcontents continue to speak out, exclusive ReachTel polling conducted for the Australian Institute, has found most voters in the 65 per cent Liberal electorate believe the ex-PM's time has passed....

The New Daily, 21 January 2016:
Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s habit of undermining the Turnbull government means he should quit politics before the next election, former Liberal Party insiders say.
Since being dethroned in September last year, speculation has been rife that Mr Abbott wants the country’s top job back.

Reports emerged this week that he had decided to contest the 2016 Election.

However, despite a distinguished record in federal politics and a formidable run of election wins in Warringah, Mr Abbott is being urged to quit because staying would hurt the Liberal Party.
Former Liberal Party leader John Hewson told The New Daily that Mr Abbott would be harmful to the party if he kept behaving like he had since losing the leadership challenge to Malcolm Turnbull.

“If he used it [his position in parliament] as a platform to criticise the government I don’t think it is terribly helpful to them,” Mr Hewson said.

When asked if Mr Abbott had been destabilising the Turnbull government since being dumped as PM to get the job back, Mr Hewson said: “Well there has been some inspired comments by his colleagues and himself … More or less inspired.”

Political commentator and electoral voting analyst Peter Brent emphatically agreed.

“I think it would be better for the Coalition and the Liberal Party if he bowed out [before the 2016 election] because as long as he is around he is a focus of discontent,” Mr Brent told The New Daily.

“With him gone at least everything won’t be interpreted as part of a push to bring Abbott back [as the PM].

“Every time one of them says something it is seen through that prism [trying to get the PM job back]. It would be in the interests of the party if he went away.”

Former media advisor to John Howard in the 1990s and political columnist for The New Daily Paula Matthewson said his true intention was only to disrupt any government he wasn’t leader of.

“I think it has become fairly clear that his intentions are more than upholding the broad church that is the Liberal Party in making sure there is enough conservative voices in it,” Ms Matthewson said.

“The fact is that he nurses the hope of going back to the leadership.

“Really, his true intention is about destabilising and finally trying to remind people that he should be leader.

“On that basis I would say no, it is not good for him to stay.”….


The Australian, 25 January 2016:

Tony Abbott clearly maintains a “flicker of ambition” to resume the prime ministership and any cast-iron guarantees he gives to remain on the backbench are “worthless”, says Victorian Liberal president Michael Kroger…..

The Australian, 25 January 2016:

Tony Abbott’s decision to renominate for the seat of Warringah at the next election carries a twin message for Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Party: the former Prime Minister has considered his options and decided to remain in Parliament and conservative Liberals are reacting to what is seen to be a “scorched earth” policy of retribution.

Abbott’s personal decision was tortured and complicated, he could have chosen “anything” within the power of the Turnbull government to deliver and had it. He could have pursued a lucrative conservative international speaking career and made money.

Instead he’s decided to turn it all down and seek to become the local MP for the Northern beaches electorate of Warringah where he started 20 odd years ago and promised to work with the popular Liberal leader - Mike Baird - for the local people.

As far as Abbott’s pysche goes that’s about it. All the talk of him going to an ambassadorial posting or government appointment is gone. He’s probably still not even sure himself but the decision has been made and the challenges arising from it are clear.

The biggest test Turnbull faces, as has been the case from the moment he and Julie Bishop knocked off Abbott, is how he handles the conservative side of the Liberal Party and the growing sense of disillusion and fracture in the Liberal and National parties which could become much more than just being about Abbott’s leadership…..

There were attempts to “flush out” Abbott about his intentions as part of the move against his supporters in NSW - that’s failed dismally and Turnbull now faces a bigger challenge than he did just two weeks ago before the moves against so many conservative MPs got out of hand and took on a Party-wide significance.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott exceeds himself in creating public mischief for political purposes

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has fronted television cameras at least five times since the Martin Place siege revealed itself to a shocked Australia.

On the 15  December 2014, the day the siege commenced:

Then in a flurry on the second and final day:
Press Statement 16 December 2014 | Transcript
Flags at half-mast today 16 December 2014 | Media release
Joint Press Conference, Sydney 16 December 2014 | Transcript.

Followed by this the day after:

Despite the fact that the motivation for the siege appeared to be unrelated to any specific jihadist group, Tony Abbott insisted on associating it with Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

In fact in one of these televised press conferences he managed to use his favourite term, death cult, four times in one short paragraph:
However, if one is a fear-mongering politician one cannot rest on one’s laurels, so on 17 December Abbott started to assert that the now deceased gunman had been given a gun licence:
Unfortunately for the prime minister this has since been refuted by at least one Fairfax journalist:

NSW Police have also refused to back his statement.

The Sydney Morning Herald 17 December 2014:

NSW police say there is no record that Martin Place siege gunman Man Haron Monis had a gun licence.
This is despite the Prime Minister Tony Abbott asserting in a press conference earlier that Monis, killed by police in a gun battle after a 16-hour siege, had been allowed to legally own weapons.
"The NSW Police Force has conducted checks with the NSW Firearms Registry and can confirm there is no record of the 50-year-old man having held a firearms licence," a statement issued this evening said.


On 18 December 2014 Sky News reported that:

Attorney-General George Brandis says the government has not found any link between the gunman in the Sydney siege and Islamic State….

early indications are that he wasn't actually a member or an affiliate of a terrorist organisation…

Thursday, 6 November 2014

"NO Confidence" in Prime Minister Abbott: 774 citizens petition the Australian Parliament

Since 2008 anyone can prepare a petition, gather signatures, and have it presented to the House of Representatives by the Chair of the Standing Committee on Petitions or by another member of parliament. 

Once a petition has been presented to Parliament the Committee refers it on to the responsible minister who then has 90 days to respond.

A ministerial response to the petition below would be due by 18 January 2015.

House of Representatives Hansard 20 October 2014:

Dr JENSEN (Tangney) (10:01): On behalf of the Standing Committee on Petitions, and in accordance with standing order 207, I present the following petitions:.........

  Prime Minister 

To the Honourable Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

we, the undersigned, believe we represent a widely enough held opinion within the Australian people to warrant a motion of NO CONFIDENCE in the current Prime Minister, The Honourable Tony Abbott, being tabled in Parliament, and being put to a vote in the House of Representatives.

The reason we are petitioning the House is that, so far (as at the 15 August 2014's version of this petition), and despite requests made directly to various Members, both in Government and in Opposition, to table such a motion, there has been abject failure - by any of the many Members who publicly proclaim TO have "No Confidence" in the Prime Minister - to take that first step which is necessary to initiate a remedy via the Reserve Powers of the Governor General; which include being able to dismiss a prime minister.

Examples of reasons for having "NO Confidence" in Prime Minister Abbott are too numerous - and well known to not only Members of the House but also to the public, in Australia and in many places overseas - to mention.

We therefore ask the House to ensure that such a motion be tabled as a matter of urgency, and — if possible under the Rules of the House — to not require a Division, in order that Members may vote freely and completely in accordance with their conscience, instead of so as to abide with party constraints. Thank you.

from 744 citizens

Petition received.