Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Australian Law Reform Commission deserves a medal

You've got to admire the guts shown by the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC).
With the Rudd Government still dragging its heels on implementing the very moderate reforms to sedition laws recommended by the commission two years ago and within a week of the Iemma Government giving NSW Police carte blanche to bug our phones and read our emails without first getting a warrant; the ALRC presents its report "For Your Information: Australian Privacy Law and Practice".
I'll be blowed if I know why it hopes that pollies will be bothered to even read the executive summary, public servants be moved to do anything but buttress their 'right' to supadupa unsafe data bases or business curtail that endless quest for more and more information it can crunch into digital form and on sell - but I appreciate the incurable optimism displayed.
I almost feel like yelling G'arn The Weis!

Here is the Executive Summary if you feel like a read.
Here and here are press articles.

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