Monday, 2 August 2010

Nats Kevin Hogan sets the record straight

Nationals candidate for Page Kevin Hogan appears to think that the Australian Rudd-Gillard Government has not delivered worthwhile funding to the NSW North Coast.
Silly me! How could I be so wrong? Here I was thinking that the North Coast was doing rather well out of that Labor Government in Canberra.
Particularly in the Page electorate with this federal funding: $2.6M for a Grafton sports complex; "$597,000 for eight ready-to-go community infrastructure projects in the Clarence Valley"; $149,727 to help address local teenage binge drinking; "$19.7M upgrade to Grafton Base Hospital operating theatres and emergency department" currently underway; $1.3M in new housing completed and "more than $1 million for repairs and maintenance to 336 social housing units"; $105,000 for Clarence Valley Council tourism project and at least $9.4M for local infrastructure [The Daily Examiner 19.06.10, 27.02.10, 20.02.10, 29.01.10, 11.12.09, 17.10.09, 01.09.09].
After reading other local newspapers, I was also under the impression that the North Coast Area Health Service has received federal funding for public hospital and community health programs/projects right across the region and school halls and classrooms were going up in many a primary or highschool in the five shires courtesy of federal stimulus money.
I'm only sorry that the library has no local newspaper records from January 2008 to July 2009 so that I could further explore my complete lack of understanding.
Here in the Northern Rivers we are all so lucky to have someone like Kevin to set us straight by giving the 'real' facts of the matter and, reminding us that life is not "really improved" by the type and scale of funding I've listed here.
Will he next set us straight about Federal Labor's increase in fortnightly pension payments for single pensioners and state that this was really bad for their general wellbeing?

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fehowarth said...

Problem is that people seem quite happy to believe him.