Friday, 17 February 2012

'Queen of No' finally gets her comeuppance?

Pic of Abbott’s pet Peta found at The Australian

Only masochists look forward to watching the House of Reps Question Time, when our elected representatives are gathered in Canberra supposedly governing for us all and in front of a camera at the same time.
So I was pleasantly surprised to discover the new Speaker Peter Slipper wasn’t tolerating either interjections, points of order which were out of line or answers which strayed from the questions asked.
It warmed the cockles of my heart to see how many childish pollies were sent to the naughty corner for an hour after interjecting or dissing the Chair.
Especially last Thursday, when Nationals Leader Warren Truss was ejected for interjecting and the Nats threw a collective dummy spit and staged a walk-out.
But later in that same Question Time, my heart fair burst when Speaker Pete finally called to order the unelected paid cheer squad belonging to Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and threatened to ban all interjecting advisers – including the chief offender of the moment the Queen of No Peta Credlin - from ever entering the House while it was in session during his speakership.

Hansard on the 16th February:

Mr Albanese: Mr Speaker, on a point of order, is it in order for advisers in the advisers box to interject against the Prime Minister while she is giving an answer to a question?
Opposition members interjecting
Mr Stephen Smith: Mr Speaker—
The SPEAKER: I will hear the Minister for Defence.
Mr Stephen Smith: Mr Speaker, in addition to the point which the Leader of the House has made, in the course—
Opposition members interjecting
The SPEAKER: The member on my left who interjected will remain silent, and the minister will commence his contribution again.
Mr Stephen Smith: In addition to the point which the Leader of the House made, in the course of the Leader of the House's contribution the person from the advisers box was continuing to interject on him.
The SPEAKER: The answer to the question asked of me by the Leader of the House is: clearly, it is grossly disorderly for anyone from the advisers box to interject. I did not actually observe that but I give notice that, if I do, the offending individual will be banned from the advisers box for the duration of my speakership.

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sue said...

Congratulations on reporting the facts. Katherine Murphy the supposed live political blogger, failed miserably in her attempt. Not only did she miss the fact that it was the liberal advisor, who was disrupting parliment by abusing the PM, she finished her blog by asking for someone to tell her who it was.

While the msm have made fun of Slipper, the msm have missed how expertly he has run QT.