Sunday, 5 May 2019

These days it is hard to tell the Liberal Party and One Nation apart

In its frantic pursuit of every right wing vote it can muster, the Liberal Party of Australia has chosen candidates from among the type of anti-science, chauvinistic, racist, homophobic bigots usually found swimming in One Nation's pool.....


In addition to the aforementioned Liberal candidates for Issacs, Wills and Paterson.....

Anti-feminist former law professor and current Liberal candidate in the Curtain electorate Celia Hammond believes anthropomorphic global warming is minimal at best.

Liberal candidate in Chisholm electorate Lucy Liu stated Chinese people come to Australia because they want ... good things for their next generation, not to be destroyed – they used the word destroyed – by these sort of concepts, of same-sex, transgender and inter-gender, cross gender, and all of this rubbish as well as conducting a WeChat campaign against Victoria’s Safe Schools policy ahead of the 2016 election, when she was the head of the Liberal Party’s Victorian community engagement committee.

Then there is the Liberal candidate for the Lyons electorate Jessica Whelan came out of the gates fighting and who apparently intended to refer the anti-Muslim tweet she allegedly posted on her own account to the Australian Federal Police in the hope of neutralising any further questions from the media - claiming her account was 'hacked'However, further tweets emerged and the Liberal Party is no longer fielding her as their candidate.

So the count is now four Liberal Party candidates disendorsed just thirteen days out from the federal election.

NOTE: In April 2019 the Liberal Party also had to acknowledge three of their preselected candidates in Victoria pulled out of the election because of section 44, the constitutional career killer the Australian Electoral Commission has specifically warned candidates about this year.


By 9 May 2019 the Liberal candidate in Scullin electorate Gurpal Singh was asked to resign by party due to homophobic and sexist social media comments.

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