Thursday, 3 October 2019

Climate Change in 2019: Want to speak truth to power in Australia? Here's how.....

The Canberra Times, 30 September 2019:

As of Monday afternoon, the e-petition had more than 160,000 signatures, after gaining traction on social media.
It's the highest number of signatures for an online petition to parliament.
"The overwhelming majority of climate scientists around the world have concluded that the climate is changing at unprecedented rates due to anthropogenic causes," it says.
"The result of these changes will be catastrophic for future generations and so we must act now to minimise both human and environmental destruction.
"We therefore ask the House to immediately act and declare a climate emergency in Australia. And introduce legislation that will with immediacy and haste reduce the causes of anthropogenic climate change."
Australians have until October 16 to sign the climate emergency e-petition, when its four-week time limit expires....
Petition can be accessed at
By 5:36pm on 1 October 2019 the number of signatures attached to this petition stood at 176,082.
At that particular time the estimated Australian population was 25,476,409 men, women and children and the number of those registered to voter stood at est. 16,424,248 citizens 18 years of age and older.
To place the signatures figure into perspective; it was equivalent to 1.07 per cent of all registered voters and 0.69 per cent of the current estimated Australian population.
Another 0.31 per cent signing before one minute to midnight on 16 October would see this petition to the Australian Parliament equate to 1 per cent of the total population.
Have you signed yet?

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