Sunday, 17 May 2020

Finally good sense prevails over the proposed rezoning of rural land on Palmers Island

Yamba Welding & Engineering Pty Ltd has experienced a set back to its plans to establish a second boat building business in the Clarence River estuary - this time on land in School's Road, Palmers Island.

Founder and managing director Bill Collingburn has stated he will continue pushing for acceptance of his developemnt application - by which I presume he means he intends to begin trotting down to Sydney again to bend the ears of relevant state government ministers.

I'm sure objectors to the creation of a industrial working waterfront on the island will be watching closely.

The Daily Examiner, 14 May 2020:

Department firm on Palmers Island decision 

The possibility of boat building on Palmers Island was diminished further yesterday as the planning department plotted the possible course for industry expansion. 

 The Department of Planning Industry and Environment has responded to questions following its decision to reject a Yamba Welding and Engineering plan to rezone a section of Palmers Island for boat building. 

DPIE suggested it was unlikely an amended plan would be considered. “The Department recognises the high importance of marine-based industries to Clarence Valley’s local economy and has encouraged the proponent to work collaboratively with (the) council and the state agencies to identify an appropriate location to support the growth of both the proponent’s business and the local boat-building industry,” a spokesperson said. 

“If an appropriate location can be identified and is consistent with local and regional strategy, the proponent may lodge a new planning proposal with (the) council for their consideration and if (the) council support it they will need to seek a Gateway Determination from the Department for it to proceed.” 

The department also reiterated the reasons for rejecting the plan, highlighting it was inconsistent with state and local government plans and strategies. 

 “Following a rigorous assessment process, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment will not rezone 11.7ha of rural land for a marine-based industry at Palmers Island,” the spokesperson said. 

“It was determined that the proposal does not fit with the approach to develop a cluster of local industry, as advocated by the Clarence Valley Council’s Industrial Lands Strategy (2007).“It also contradicts Direction 11 of the North Coast Regional Plan 2036, which aims to protect and enhance productive agricultural lands.”

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