Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Individual wealth in the NSW Northern Rivers region

Richmond and Page federal electorates in the Northern Rivers region ranked 24th and 112th respectively when it come to net wealth per capita and median net wealth by the end of 2019.

In Richmond half the individual interviewees had net wealth of $325k or less and in Page half had $175k or less.

The highest indivdual average net wealth was unsurprisingly found in the electorates of Wentworth (Liberal MP Dave Sharma), Warringah (Independent MP Zali Steggall), Bradfield (Liberal MP & Minister Paul Fletcher), North Sydney (Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman), Mackellar (Liberal MP Jason Falinski) and Cook (Liberal MP & Prime Minister Scott Morrison).

The current COVID-19 pandemic is likely to significantly change net wealth across many electorates in this table.

Roy Morgan, 1 May 2020

24 months to December 2019, average 12-month sample, n = 50,431

Personal Net Wealth is calculated by subtracting debt from assets, predominantly equity in owner-occupied homes, plus superannuation.

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