Friday, 9 October 2020

Scott Morrison still denying responsibility for the elderly Australians in aged care who died of COVID-19


Snapshot of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a 7 October 2020 television
interview on the ABC program "7.30". Image: @OzLady0

This is a face Australian Prime Minister & Liberal MP for Cook Scott Morrison tries not to show to the general public - a narrowed, steely-eyed gaze with set lips - one of his 'if looks could kill' moments.

This is what brought forth that particular look......

ABC Television, 7.30 program, transcript, 7 October 2020:

LEIGH SALES: Prime Minister, I would like to spend quite a bit of time tonight talking about aged care. Three-quarters of the COVID-19 deaths have been in this country, in aged care facilities, that is 673 people.

Those facilities are the responsibility of the Federal Government. In the past, gastro and flu epidemics have ripped through aged care facilities. We knew from Newmarch House in April how horrific coronavirus in aged care could be.

How did the Federal Government fail so comprehensively to prevent this tragedy?

SCOTT MORRISON: Well, Leigh, first of all, on a couple of points. The Commonwealth Government put in $1.5 billion extra in support to deal with everything, from workforce support to PPE and training and equipment to assist the aged care sector as it dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now what we saw in particular ...

LEIGH SALES: And there are still 673 people dead ...

SCOTT MORRISON: Leigh, if you could just let me finish, if you could just let me finish.

LEIGH SALES: As long as you address the question, I'm very happy for you to finish.

SCOTT MORRISON: Well, I am talking about what we have been doing to address the COVID pandemic in aged care. 

LEIGH SALES: I'm asking why you have failed?......

The full interview video can be accessed at:

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