Thursday, 12 November 2020

The NSW Nationals Minister for Nepotism, Double Bay and Killing Koalas, Bronnie Taylor, fails to answer a question concerning the deadly impact of exclusion fencing in northern New South Wales


Bronnie Taylor, NSW MLC & Minister in the Berejiklian Government having carriage of the Local Land Services Amendment Amendment (Miscellaneous) Bill 2020 which will remove the Koala Habit Protection SEPP from the bulk of New South Wales land area.
IMAGE: Internewscast

NSW Legislative Council, 10 November 2020, Hansard excerpt:


The Hon. MARK PEARSON (16:16:09): My question is directed to the Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women representing the agriculture Minister. I have been contacted by concerned wildlife

carers and kangaroo shooters who have observed trapped wildlife being killed or becoming very distressed and dying a long lingering death as a consequence of exclusion fencing being installed in 100-kilometre clusters by landholders in northern New South Wales. Is the Minister aware of the harm being caused by Local Land Services encouraging farmers to construct them under the New South Wales Government's Supporting Our Neighbours fencing funding program?

The Hon. BRONNIE TAYLOR (Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women) (16:16:52): I thank the honourable member for his question, which is addressed to agriculture Minister Adam Marshall in the other place and whom I represent in this place. It is always distressing to hear about any animals suffering for whatever reason. Local Land Services do a terrific job in this State and they have had a difficult time in recent years with a drought like we have never seen before. I know they would be doing everything they could to ensure that they were doing their job, helping farmers but also ensuring that animals are not suffering. There are really good people on the ground in Local Land Services, who are working hard to do the right thing. As the question contains quite a bit of detail about fences and particular incidents, I will take it on notice and get back to the member as soon as possible.

An example of exclusion fencing being sold in Australia:

IMAGE: Waratah Fencing


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