Monday, 8 November 2021

Rylstone Region Coal Free Community is on the cusp of a significant win - if Minister for Regional New South Wales Paul Toole manages to convince Premier Perrottet that exploration and mining in the district is a short-sighted and destructive idea


Because so much of rural and regional New South Wales is under threat of coal, gas and mineral exploration and mining, it is good to hear that some communities are seeing results for the effort they put in to protect the present and future of their districts and communities.

Lock The Gate Alliance, media release, 4 November 2021, excerpts:

We have some good news for you.....

Locals and the Lock the Gate Alliance have been fighting the proposed release of precious land near Rylstone for coal exploration.

Over 2,000 people made submissions opposing such a dangerous and irresponsible idea, and guess what: The government listened! 

Yesterday the Deputy Premier agreed the area should be coal free! How’s that for people power?

This terrific news is a testament to the hard work and creativity of the Rylstone Region Coal Free Community group who mustered together to protect their district from coal exploration. 

The NSW Deputy Premier Paul Toole said in NSW parliament yesterday that he will recommend against the controversial release of land for coal exploration near Rylstone and the Wollemi National Park:

“It is my intention to take this proposal to my colleagues, and it is my intention to actually rule it out,” Mr Toole said.

Together, we took action and helped protect land, heritage, culture and community - protection for good now looks very likely when this issue goes to cabinet for a final decision. Rylstone could be coal free by Christmas! 

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Sharing the good news will also support locals like the Rylstone Region Coal Free Community who remain committed to stopping further expansion of coal mining in the region.

Together we can continue to protect land, culture and climate!

Nic, for the Lock the Gate Alliance......

Here’s how the ABC reported the news: NSW Deputy Premier to recommend government 'rule out' opening up new coal exploration zone