Monday 10 June 2024

Opposition Leader & Liberal MP for Dickson, Peter 'The Dickson Spuddler' Dutton, firmly reminded that “Australians voted decisively for action on climate in the 2022 election"

Peter Dutton proposes decades of delay on climate 

Federal Liberals still with no climate plan


Solutions for Climate Australia


8 June 8 2024

National climate group Solutions for Climate Australia expressed extreme disappointment and concern at the Opposition Leader Peter Dutton proposing further decades of delay in tackling climate change, despite increasing climate disasters.

This follows a statement by Peter Dutton today, in an interview with The Australian, that the Federal Liberal Party wants to reject current targets and plans to reduce Australia’s climate pollution this decade.

It is a tragedy that the Federal Liberal Party has no plan to stop the increasing climate disasters which are directly killing Australians, and damaging communities, agriculture and businesses across the country, and globally,” said Dr Barry Traill, Director of Solutions for Climate Australia.

We need decisive action on climate pollution this decade to protect farmers, our food supply, businesses and trade. From uninsurable houses, to declining crop yields, to direct threats to life and property, we are all now being hurt by climate disasters.

Australians voted decisively for action on climate in the 2022 election. Mr Dutton’s weak, do-nothing approach on climate is out of step with the electorate. The community showed it expects all political parties to adopt strong, science-based targets to reduce pollution.”

The federal Coalition has not heeded the message of the nation on climate. They must do better.”


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