Thursday, 26 April 2012

Oi, Bazza! Don't frack with us on the Northern Rivers

Clarence Valley residents Varpu Rantanen, Seanine Cooper an Larissa Cooper
at the coal-seam gas meeting in Casino last week

“CLARENCE Valley residents opposed to coal-seam gas mining were among dozens who turned out in force at a public meeting in Casino on April 19 to discuss the O'Farrell Government's draft Regional Strategic Land Use Policy and new Aquifer Interference Regulations.”
Rest of journalist Emma Prichard’s 23rd April story in The Daily Examiner here.


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The strange things journalists write

Until recently, newspapers were not allowed to report on suicide and I think the original rationale for that was well-intentioned: to stop sensationalist journalism on such a personal and tragic event. [The Daily Examiner,20 April 2012,p12]

A rather curious statement which history refutes.

Even a quick search of Trove and NSW State Library records will show that since at least the 19th Century through to this 21st Century  Australian newspapers at national, state and local level (including The Daily Examiner) have been reporting on attempted suicide/suicides; naming names, ages, places of residence and often describing methods used.

In August 2011 the Press Council of Australia issued a specific standard of practice for suicide reporting, which did not lift any supposed universal media ban but sought to clarify best practice.

Keerrong & The Channon Says No To CSG: becomes first NSW North Coast community to lock its land and roads

Hundreds of committed citizens of Keerrong and The Channon form a human map of our roads and creeks. The legal system and governments have failed us. Now we're taking a stand. We won't let gas miners contaminate our water, air and land with toxic chemicals. Through grass-roots public meetings and surveys, we reached a 99% majority decision to close our roads and valleys to Coal Seam Gas mining. We're saying to the miners: 'You're not coming here'. As we present the CSG-free road declarations to our mayor, we celebrate the strength of community. This video launches the CSG-free Community Strategy in the Northern Rivers, NSW Australia. We're taking back our communities from the gas miners.

To find out how to make your community CSG Free, go to

Best MSM Headline of the Month

Facts, 360 B.C.-A.D. 2012
In memoriam: After years of health problems, Facts has finally died.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Abbott on Slipper in 2011 - "He's a mate of mine"

It is hard to see Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's recent statements concerning The Speaker Peter Slipper as anything other than hypocritical manufactured outrage, given he was still supporting this member of parliament during periods when other serious allegations had surfaced, including those mentioned in current court papers.

Abbott and Slipper posed photograph from Google Images

He’s a mate of mine
Abbott speaking at 7.32 mins on 2011 audio clip

Are you concerned that Peter Slipper last night issued a statement threatening to resign from the Queensland Liberal National Party?
Look, there are all sorts of issues at a local party level and they’re things that should be sorted out at a local party level.
Will you be talking to Peter Slipper and Mal Brough to sort out their situation?
In the end, they’re both loyal members of the LNP here in Queensland. Peter is a good, strong member of the Coalition down in Canberra.
[Tony Abbott Doorstop, 5 September 2011,transcript]

THE Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, is urging the Queensland Liberal National Party to show restraint amid a growing push for a quick preselection challenge against the federal Liberal MP and Deputy Speaker, Peter Slipper.
Mr Abbott and others in the Liberal Party feel that if Mr Slipper loses his preselection, he may quit the party and sit on the cross benches, costing the Coalition a precious vote in the finely balanced Parliament.
The Liberal Party federal director, Brian Loughnane, was making representations to the LNP state president, Bruce McIver, yesterday.
Sources said Mr Loughnane was trying to defuse the situation on behalf of Mr Abbott.
[The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 November 2011]

The leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, recently came out in support of Peter Slipper in an on-air interview with 101.5FM - 4OUR.
Mr Abbott said Mr Slipper was a "good bloke" and was loyal.
"He has been a good loyal servant of the Liberal Party, and more recently the LNP," Mr Abbott told the Morning Magazine in an interview. (Listen to the podcast below)
[101.5FM, Morning Mag, 24 November 2011]

Mr Speaker, we have known each other for many years. We have shared good times and not-so-good times. You have been an extremely effective and efficient Deputy Speaker of this parliament. You certainly have the technical skills and the knowledge of this parliament to be effective in this chair. We congratulate you. We wish you well and we express the hope and the confidence that you will serve without fear or favour. [Tony Abbott welcoming Slipper as The Speaker, Commonwealth Hansard, 24 November 2011]


When Peter Slipper became an independent Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Tony Abbott-led Opposition began ‘leaking’ damaging documents to The Australian:

When this becomes common knowledge in April 2012, Abbott does not deny knowledge of the allegations or the leaks, but tries to spin the facts:

The only reasonable conclusion which can be drawn from this scenario is that the Liberal Party of Australia and Tony Abbott (both in government and opposition) concealed serious allegations from the Australian Parliament and voters in order that the Coalition could hold onto the federal seat of Fisher in Queensland, which was retained by Slipper in the 2010 federal election with a +2.28% swing.


Although Coalition political operatives were involved in approaching the media after Slipper became Speaker, Tony Abbott offers a carefully-worded denial of any Coalition involvement in preparing the Ashby sexual harassment case:

Mr Abbott says he has no knowledge of any coalition personnel helping to prepare the case against Mr Slipper.

Further update:

Slipper on Abbott via Twitter in April 2012.....

I have been a good friend of Tony Abbott even when he didn't have many. I even delivered him the key vote he needed to become leader!

#auspol Tony was an honoured guest at our wedding 6 years ago and it was great to have him and other friends and family there.

@AussiePlease#auspol That's true but if I had voted another way, he wouldn't have become Leader.

Dear Sol, How sweet it is to see another rich patriarch showing an Achilles heel

Dear Sol,

Yes, I freely admit it.  It’s class envy times infinity from someone who grew up in what could be classed an Aussie slum, the son of a man who grew up likewise, the grandson of a man who often went hungry and the great-grandson of a man who spent his life in abject poverty but managed to raise a family which endures to this day.

So I take a somewhat perverse please in seeing you, Solomon Lew, controversial billionaire, in the courts airing the family’s dirty but expensive linen in Lew & Ors v Priester & Ors 28 February 2012

Maudie's Ex

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