Thursday, 13 December 2007

Vote on Rudd's performance at Bali

The Sydney Morning Herald is running an online readers poll today on Kevin Rudd's diplomatic performance at the Kyoto conference at Bali this week.
So far this morning the vote is running heavily in favour of Rudd's performance being statesmanlike.
Voting is at:
I have to say I was pleased that Kevin Rudd's address to the conference further differentiated Australia from the US position on climate change. However, he really needs to go further and stand up to America's attempt to force any mention of target percentages out of the final draft of the Bali declaration.
The Prime Minister would be foolish if he believed placating the Bush Administration will keep the US onside except momentarily.
The US will turn on Australia sometime in the next three years, because the Rudd Government has indicated that it will not play lickspittle and American's have never understood Labor Party philosophy.
With most American's believing in their heart-of-hearts that God is a white American male and that their country dominates by divine right, diplomacy by others is next to useless.
A show of strong leadership by our Prime Minister and a less narrow focus on climate change allegiances it required.
America is no longer a great and powerful friend, rather she is a major impediment to constructive change and international stability.
The Sydney Morning Herald article on Rudd in Bali:

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