Saturday, 5 February 2011

The House of a Thousand Fools

Can anyone really believe this nonsense? Over 1,000 Australians Sign Petition Opposing Flood Levy - Stop The Levy

Over 1,000 Australians have signed an online petition imploring the Federal Government to not impose an unfair and destructive new tax on the vulnerable Australian economy. The website,, is a project of Menzies House, an independent, grassroots online community for center-right activists, writers, and thinkers. Menzies House is unaffiliated with any political party.

All this hysteria over a twelve-month levy with a scale like this? For crying out loud you would have to have a taxable income of over $80,000 a year before it was costing you more than a skinny latte once a week and over $130,000 a year before it cost the price of a quick working day lunch for one at the local caff.



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Ken_L said...

Abbott's mob have watched the success that US Republicans have had being the 'Party of No' and have decided to emulate them. Any and every government initiative will be met with furious opposition that paints it as an attack on freedom, danger to the economy, irresponsible pandering to unions etc etc.

Given the success of the strategy in the USA, it may well be effective here as well. The problem is that people who don't pay much attention to politics tend to believe both sides tell lies and the truth therefore lies somewhere in the middle. The Liberal strategy therefore has the effect of persuading lots of people that 50% of their lies are correct.

TerjeP said...

In a democracy it is healthy for one side to oppose new taxes and propose lower taxes. If you don't agree with the view don't vote for it, but it's good to have it on the menu.

Personally I oppose the levy. I'll be voting for the LDP (Liberal Democrats).

Anonymous said...

Of course you're voting LDP! Weren't you one of their candidates standing for the seat of Bennelong at the 2010 Federal Election? :)