Thursday, 1 December 2011

What NSW Nationals 'Steve' Gulaptis MP for Clarence isn't saying

This is what the new Clarence MP 'Steve' Gulaptis was telling The Daily Examiner as he posed for photographs:

Mr Gulaptis said he still felt humbled to be elected, but couldn't wait to get behind the desk and get to work on solving the problems faced by his constituents and the electorate.
Mr Gulaptis said the new Grafton bridge, the Pacific Highway upgrade, law enforcement in Casino and the Lower Clarence, health and employment, especially in Grafton after recent job losses, were key issues he would focus on.
He said as the communities in the electorate are so diverse and face different issues, he would be spending a lot of time travelling and talking to locals about what issues are important to them.
He said his focus in Parliament will be to push strongly for funding on issues facing the Clarence electorate.

Now the election is over and his est. $180,000 plus taxpayer-funded salary package is assured, there is no mention of protecting the Clarence River from inappropriate open cut gold mining and toxic antimony mining –  which have the potential to place underground aquifers and the river system at risk to the detriment of the economic well-being of downstream communities.

Nor is there mention of proposed and exisitng coal seam gas mines, or ground water extraction levels and waste water associated with this industry which are likely to compromise water and food security across the NSW North Coast unless a legitimate halt to uncontrolled industry expansion is legislated. 

Nothing about the O'Farrell Government's intention to complete the power generation infrastructure sell-off which is bound to impact on hip pockets in a region known for its low household incomes.

Complete silence about any intention to fight a proposal which is still being considered by government - replacing Grafton prison with a privately financed, constructed and operated centre.

Not even a mention of Steve's favourite subject - bats! A subject that is in the process of being placed in his too hard basket now he is in office.

One suspects that his vision really extends no further than his old role of managing roads, rats, rubbish and greasing the wheels for the white-shoe brigade.

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