Saturday, 9 February 2013

Donges does it again

If ever a bloke has a knack of raising hackles and putting whole communities off side, it would be Clarence Valley Council Deputy Manager and Walking Disaster Rob Donges.
Here he is at it again in The Daily Examiner.
He said water was coming over the wall at about 10 properties from the bridge side of Fry St through to Dobie St.”

The Fry St. levee had begun to buckle under the pressure of flood waters and here's proof the Clarence Valley Review published of the running repairs required to stop it collapsing.


Anonymous said...

A contributor to the letters page of today's Daily Examiner has similar thoughts:

I am one of the residents of McHugh St near the Fry St boat ramp.

Firstly, let me say a big thank you to all who helped sandbag the levee wall in front of my house.

Without those sandbags, I don't know what would have happened.

We live in a great community, where residents help out when needed, without even being asked.

I for one, am certainly grateful for their help.

Secondly, I have to disagree with Clarence Valley Council deputy general manager Rob Donges.

What may have started as "wave action" soon turned into water actually pouring over the wall.

I should know - I was there watching from my backyard as it occurred.

We sandbagged one bag high. Then it started coming over that, so we added another bag and that seemed to hold.

If we did not sandbag, it certainly would have overtopped.

Jenny Hall, Grafton

clarencegirl said...


That wasn't the only letter to the editor on the subject either.

On 5 February this was published in The Daily Examiner:

I READ with dismay the comments of Rob Donges, the deputy general manager of council.

The water did not overflow at Fry St despite the frantic sandbagging efforts and water being pumped out on Tuesday during the floods.

Perhaps Mr Donges might speak with the landowners adjacent to the Fry St ramp, the 30-40 council workers, the SES, police, ambulance officers, young neighbours and pensioners and all those who worked tirelessly to sandbag as the water commenced to flow over the top of the levee.

The view is always different from an ivory tower; or then again, perhaps I have reached senility and it was all a dream.

Maybe it is time to follow the path of my long-time hero, Harvie Krumpet, and sit naked in the sun at the bus stop and wait endlessly for the bus that never came.

Wayne Magann,