Thursday, 30 May 2013

In the No-Land of Oz

I was watching TV when news of the recognition walk and the push for a referendum so that Australian first peoples to be recognized in the Constitution of Australia came on the screen.

This started me thinking of the lies government tells itself and the public to achieve its ends.   
The idea of terra nullius was basically a lie and because Aboriginal people did not use the land in the manner of Europeans they were considered to have no rights to ownership of that land. 

This convenient lie allowed the British Government to appropriate all the landmass of Australia and give ownership to whoever they wished. 

The first peoples were considered part of the fauna and flora of the country, this in effect stripped them of their human status, and from this thinking came all the injustices that future generations suffered. 

This brings us to the current times were another convenient lie has gained ground - the idea of exempting even the mainland of Australia from our migration zone.

We have gone from terra nullius to nec terram. First there were no people now there is no land. 

Where could this lie lead us in the future? 

All ex-pat Australian citizens cannot return because there is now no land for them to return to! 

Maybe the government is correct and we have no land since it is all being dug up and shipped overseas anyway.

Does this mean that since the Australian population now lives in the wonderful No-Land of Oz we don't have ownership of our country or its resources?

This could explains an article in the Sunday Mail on the 26th of May on page 22 titled “Super Nation fails to take off”, it seems that there has been a campaign to force the US President to look at merging the United States and Australia into a new super nation called Ameristralia.

If it had succeeded I wonder when we Aussies would have been told?

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