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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Environment Victoria calls on Andrews Government to challenge NSW Berejiklian Government's "rigging" of Murray-Darling Basin Plan river water extraction rules

Environment Victoria, Media Release, Tuesday 25 July 2017:

Calls for Victoria to stand up to NSW water guzzlers

Environmental groups, farmers and Indigenous leaders today called on the Andrews government to respond urgently to claims on ABC’s Four Corners that New South Wales irrigators are engaging in “illegal water use” at the expense of Victoria’s rivers and farmers.

Environment Victoria Acting CEO Dr Nicholas Aberle said:

“Victoria is being cheated out of water and the Victorian government needs to stand up to these greedy cotton growers who are guzzling billions of litres meant to flow downstream for our environment.

“Victorians deserve to know exactly how much water has been lost and how this will affect Victoria’s water supplies and the health of our rivers.

Below: Map showing how alleged illegal water use upstream in NSW affects Victoria

“The worst part is the New South Wales government has been rigging the rules to let these big irrigators get away with it. This shows utter contempt for the health of Australia’s rivers – an attitude that has no place in a government that shares responsibility for delivering the Murray-Darling Basin Plan,” said Dr Aberle.

Last night’s Four Corners program exposed major issues in the NSW water industry, including claims of illegal water use and tampering with water meters.

“The actions of the NSW government are leaving downstream users and the environment quite literally hanging out to dry. This means there’s less water for Victoria’s farmers, communities and our precious rivers and wetlands.

“We need the Victorian government to take a leadership role in fixing this mess and to make sure this never happens again. The whole plan relies on accurate measurement, tracking and compliance. Based on the revelations last night, it seems clear we can’t rely on big upstream irrigators just to do the right thing.”

Environment Victoria, together with the Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations and the Environmental Farmers Network, has written to Victoria’s Minister for Water, Lisa Neville, asking her to:
Launch a full investigation into how much water has been lost by changes to water sharing rules in NSW since 2012, and how much damage this has done to Victoria and South Australia.

Implement the Basin Plan in full so all its objectives are met, including finding smart ways to recover the remaining 450 gigalitres (GL) of water to protect Victoria’s rivers and wetlands.

Lead the development of Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council protocols on water integrity to make sure this type of rule manipulation in favour of vested interests never happens again.

“Governments across Australia urgently need to re-establish trust in the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and the environmental restoration it is designed to achieve. Victoria can and must play an important role in leading this process,” said Dr Aberle.

This call was supported by Rene Woods, Chair, Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations & John Pettigrew, Water Spokesperson, Environmental Farmers Network.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Australia Take A Bow: SPC baked beans 'n' spaghetti for hungry little human bea-ns will live on

Gucci & I are supporting SPC! Buy SPC, &
#SPCsunday @TheWiggles @Anthony_Wiggle 
@Lachy_Wiggle @Simon_Wiggle

Joyously supporting Australian farmers and cannery workers.........

Stock and Land 10 February 2014:

CAN-OPENERS clinked into action en masse over the weekend as Australians voted with their feet in support of struggling food processor SPC Ardmona.
'SPC Sunday' echoed throughout the twittersphere and into the Nation's zeitgeist thanks to a conscientious Newcastle consumer Linda Drummond, who tweeted the idea of SPC Sunday to a friend on Thursday night.
The idea quickly snowballed on social media and was trending on Twitter in Melbourne by Friday afternoon.
According to SPCA, sales of their signature products skyrocketed by 50 per cent in major supermarkets over the past week; however the significance of the campaign has not yet been measured.
Photos of Victorian premier Denis Napthine, SPCA Managing Director Peter Kelly and Shepparton mayor Jenny Houlihan were among those posted on social media eating SPC products in support of the company.
"The Shepparton community and our workers have been overwhelmed by this amazing support and have expressed their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been involved," Mr Kelly said.
"It means a lot to everyone at SPC who are all working so hard to turn things around."....

There are over 7 million households across Australia. If every household brought just one SPC Ardmona product per fortnight - that's more than 182 million product sales to boost the Shepparton cannery’s bottom line annually.

Yesterday the Victorian Government took note of this Aussie social media groundswell and dug deep to come up with a $22 million co-investment grant for SPC Ardmona.*

Well done everyone. Go out this weekend and buy more SPC fruit, beans and sauces to celebrate!

* As for Prime Minister Abbott saying that the news that SPC Ardmona has been rescued by a $22m injection from the Victorian state government proves it did not need a handout from the commonwealth - it proves nothing of the sort. What the renewed commitment of the board of Coca Cola Amatil to Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley proves is that the company responded positively to community support and determined to soldier on.