Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Poll on Rudd's 2020 vision

It was great to see Rudders come up with the notion of a national summit to map out an agreed national direction for Australia beyond the next electoral cycle.
It appears that I am not alone in approving of the Australia 2020 Summit.
Granny Herald ran a poll yesterday which showed 75% of those who answered thought that Kevin Rudd's summit was a 'great idea'.
Let's hope both he and co-chair, Melbourne Uni vice-chancellor Glyn Davis, have a workable outcome to show us all by the end of April.
Leader of the Opposition Brendan 'we'll all be rooned' Nelson as usual is fence sitting and hasn't decided if he will attend this summit.

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Rat2 said...

For the rest of the 20,699,000 people not invited to the 2020 Summit, I created a wiki called Oz Ideas (http://ozideas.wetpaint.com) to be our forum to list and vote on the best ideas to improve Australia. It’s free. It can be anonymous, and I’m not doing it to make money. I just think teachers, tradies, and techies probably have just as good ideas for this country than the experts, so the site acts as a national online brainstorming session.

Since the public often needs a bit of entertainment to go with their public engagement, I created a fun video on Youtube of Kevin Rudd break dancing. It’s at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQZa17-Dt_4. See what you think.