Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Maybe misdemeanours

Grafton’s Daily Examiner has been very creative in recent times with the introduction of a new feature that’s being displayed on its website.
The average reader will not have the luxury of seeing all the details in the new regular section because it’s hidden by the paper’s paywall - only subscribers get to see it. Subscribers can scroll down the online page and see a heading like this one.

Really, does the local paper have so many slow news days that it thinks it’s on a winner with its latest “innovation”.
A contributor to the paper’s letter section has expressed an opinion about the paper’s strategy(see below).

Concern over court lists

I am distressed to see The Daily Examiner listing people going to court each day.

I think this is not appropriate. These people are facing up to situations that will be addressed by the court. They do not need or deserve to be named and shamed in public, without any context.

There are many reasons people end up in court. I don’t think it’s appropriate that merely for attending a court hearing they are named in the newspaper. Fine if their issue becomes newsworthy. But the mere fact of them appearing is not sufficient to justify public interest. In fact it could be severely damaging.

Fiona Hardie, Tullymorgan

Perhaps the paper could examine a couple of other topics to more gainfully occupy their journalists’ time. A couple that spring to mind are waiting times at the A&E departments of local hospitals and supermarket checkouts.

Source: The Daily Examiner, July 9, 2019, print edition and webpage

Credit to my mate Elwyn, who doesn’t miss a trick, for providing a heads up for this post.

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