Thursday, 4 July 2019

Who is this person?


 * was born in New York

 * delivered the keynote address at a Melbourne Writers Festival

 * has written fiction

 * has written biography

 * has written about history

 * has been known to shoot 'self in the foot

 * has been a big city's mayor

 * says writing romantic fiction could be on his/her agenda

 * hopes to get a big promotion in the very near future

* is not backward in coming forward

* was given Alexander or Alexandra as his/her first given name

* might use the pen name Rosie M. Banks for future books

Think you know?

The answer will be revealed tomorrow.

1. Thanks to my mate Elwyn for giving a heads up on this.
2. The source for the information contained in this quiz will be provided tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

Clarrie Rivers said...

Anonymous, you're 100% correct. Go to the top of the class.