Tuesday, 5 July 2022

If you are a Yamba resident or have a holiday home in the town this Valley Watch-sponsored community meeting concerning Yamba Flood Planning being held on Saturday 9 July 2022 will be of interest to you


As at 10 August 2021 there were 6,670 people living in Yamba & environs with 805 visitors temporarily resident in various hotel, motel, caravan park & holiday rental accommodation. That 7,475 population is estimated to double during peak holiday periods as holidaymakers flock to the town. 

It appears that local government is hoping to grow the Yamba and environs resident population by at least 8,862-9,000 people in the next 19 years without ever providing the required "safe occupation and efficient evacuation of people" in times of flooding and that population and development not "exceed the capacity of existing evacuation routes for the surrounding area in the event of a flood".

As the one road leading both in and out of Yamba (which is also the official and only evacuation route) travels over one bridge and two causeways before reaching the next town at the end of an est. 19km journey and, in addition that road can be cut by deep stormwater and/or flood waters at one or all of another nine points before flood prone Maclean township is reached, then it can hardly be called a safe and efficient mass evacuation route even now.

It has also been made very clear to Yamba residents that NSW emergency services consider that safe evacuation is the resident's individual responsibility.

Sections of Yamba's official evacuation route on 1 March 2022
IMAGES: Yahoo! News

Problems with existing land currently under development in Yamba

West Yamba From O'Grady's Lane, flooding in Feb-March 2022 

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Park Ave and 135 Yamba Road Photos during Feb-March 2022 

localised flooding in Yamba, Clarence Valley

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