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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Within minutes of Bin Laden's death being officially announced conspiracy wingnuts were active in the Northern Rivers

I happened to be having an after lunch drink when Osama bin Laden’s assassination in Pakistan was officially announced by the U.S. Government.

Two men lunching at an adjacent table began to pantomime amazement and disbelief as the news was discussed. Then it began to get interesting as we fell into conversation.

Apparently for some nefarious and unstated reason the announcement of bin Laden’s death at the hands of the U.S. military is nothing but a sham. He either died years ago or is still alive - it was hard to discern just what this pair actually believed on that point. But wink, wink, nudge, nudge, it’s all a big fat lie and we know better than to believe anything we see or hear on the news.

So how did these two men know with such certainty that the announcement by President Obama was a sham?

Why one of two was allegedly a judge at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, who just happened to have been legally representing a person before the court that day in Lismore.

I was shown what had to have been the cheesiest business card I have ever seen and one which had obviously been printed out on cheap paper using a home computer.

De Judge then asserted something which was patently wrong; that is that an ordinary person could not find out the names of ICJ current judges as these names were not on the Court’s website and "could not be Googled".

On hearing that I settled back and began to enjoy myself. Though apparently I did not hide my glee all that well, as suddenly the good judge morphed into either an employee or associate of one David Wynn Miller (aka King of Hawaii) who appeared on the NSW North Coast earlier this year after seemingly wearing out his welcome in Canada and possibly many parts of his own homeland as well.

When I returned home I checked my lunch time acquaintance out. It goes without saying that he is not a judge.

In comments on one blog KJM aka BM admits that he is not even a lawyer, on a second he asserts he is a judge representing certain indigenous interests, on a third he states he belongs to something called the Unity States of the World or similar, on a fourth he sets himself up as an amateur linguist with hysterical results, on a fifth he associates himself with assorted wingnuts, on a sixth he is calling himself a musician/music teacher who is ex-military and, on a seventh he offers a little free 'legal' advice and insists that Hawaii is a sovereign nation. He is also a supporter of the elusive Cairns Law Club and beleives that all local government elections are probably illegal.

It seems that the North Coast is now hosting a second fantasist to rival our resident Zussino.

Oh dear…………………

Thursday, 11 September 2008

September 11 2008

Cartoon from

For a mix of archival footage and whacky theories (from those wonderful folks who gave us rendition and torture to replace the Geneva Convention) click September 11 News