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Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Mullum Flickerfest and Byron All Shorts film festival 30 January to 1 February 2020 at Mullumbimby Civic Hall

29th International Short Film Festival

Tour Date: Thursday 30 January - Saturday 1 February 2020

Thu 30th Jan, 8.00pm - Best Of International Shorts - 2020 Tour - $25/ $22con (inc pre-screening drinks & nibbles)

Fri 31st Jan, 8.00pm - Best Of Australian Shorts - 2020 Tour - $16/ $14con

Sat 1st Feb, 8.00pm - Short Laughs Comedy - 2020 Tour - $16/ $14con

Sat 1st Feb, 4pm – Byron All Shorts – Nth Rivers Short Film comp (Prog announced early Jan) – $14/ $12
Festival Pass: $55/45
Full Programme, Information & Bookings:
Venue: Mullumbimby Civic Hall
Doors Open: 1 hr prior to sessions
Opening Night Party starts: 7pm
Tickets: through; (or at the door).

Flickerfest CafeOpen daily: 1hr prior to sessions.
Serving delicious organic treats & drinks.

Some of the short films being shown:

German film ‘The Jackpot
Australian comedy ‘Chicken’ 
Animated film Rebooted’ 
Australian film  ‘Its Christmas
Drama  ‘A Day In Your Life’ 
Comedy ‘A Family Affair
12 short films from around the NSW Northern Rivers

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Just because it is beautiful........(18)

Damien and Yilpi Marks  |  Seven Sisters
Jap 012558  |  acrylic on linen  |  180 x 60 cm

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Teaching history and culture

The Guardian, 3 September 2016

Yuendumu is a Warlpiri community of around 800 people located about 300 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs. It was established by the Native Affairs Branch of the Federal Government in 1946.
The country surrounding Yuendumu includes many places with spiritual power created by ancestral beings in the Jukurrpa (Dreaming), which is sacred to Warlpiri people.

The Yuendumu Doors project

Five Warlpiri male elders at Yuendumu initiated a 'fauve' art of bright colour. This art was first seen in the Yuendumu Doors project of 1983-84.

The elders created a set of 36 kuruwarri (ancestral designs) to teach young Warlpiri their true Jukurrpa (Dreamings). The elders worked with the speed of graffiti artists, scribbling their designs down with untidy abandon using shiny school acrylics on the primary school doors; the modern equivalent of a cave wall.

The doors became an ever-present and indelible symbol of the older men's authority, which ran counter to the messages Warlpiri youths were receiving in the classroom or on television.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

A plea from the heart to save a Clarence Valley icon

Letter to the Editor, The Daily Examiner, 17 August 2016:

THE dismantling of the Grafton Regional Gallery is an outrage and every effort to reverse the decision of the executive council must be made.

Should it be a surprise? No.

In June 2015 the Council had to prepare an application to IPART for a special rate variation to increase rates by 8%. The community was called upon to prioritise 24 listed services put forward by the Council.

In a letter to the Editor of the DEX, I drew attention to how significant infrastructure like the Grafton Regional Gallery and the Library have been built with Federal and State Government money. The community has also made important contributions.

It is totally unacceptable for the Director Environment, Planning and Community, Des Schroder, to say the identified saving for galleries and museum area was $25,000. In addition, of course, is the Council decision not to fund the capital art purchases for 2016/17.

This Gallery is probably the most important asset for the Clarence Valley. The professionalism of its staff together with the enormous contribution made by The Friends of the Gallery and the Gallery Foundation members and volunteers has made our Gallery recognised as one of the very best regional galleries.

How ironical it is that the Gallery has been featured over the past few weeks for wonderful events, such as the recent visit to Yugilbar Station and the Soups Day and today we read about the plans for Gate to Plate to be held in October.

Leaving aside social functions - which after all contribute to the liveability of a town - the JADA Exhibition (Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award) has received a record number of entries. This exhibition is held in high regard throughout Australia and receives entries from all states of Australia.

To suggest that the Gallery does not attract tourists just shows how totally out of touch the decision makers are. Recently at both the Yamba and Grafton Bridge Congresses, people spoke to me about the Gallery and I had to inform them that unfortunately it is no longer open on Sundays and there is no coffee shop. This is a recent example but it happens all the time.

I would like to inform those members of the Council executive that worldwide statistics show that more people visit galleries and museums than sporting fixtures. Sure, a sporting fixture attracts a large crowd for one event but those people then want to explore other attractions such as galleries.

The council elections will be held next month. It is our chance to ask candidates whether they want a liveable city or one that has a super and expensive depot so that the general manager can justify his priority of roads, water and sewerage (notes taken at the public meeting May 12, 2015).

Let us make sure we do not surrender our much loved title as "The Jacaranda City" to be replaced by "The Forgotten City".

Heather Roland

Because it is beautiful.......(14)

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Gillian Mears July 1964 - May 2016, a Clarence Valley girl

Old Copmanhurst by the late great author Gillian Mears in Meanjin Volume 71 Issue 1 2012

Much exclamation occurs when people realise Foal’s Bread is my first novel in sixteen years. Sixteen years ago I was about to turn thirty-one. From this distance that seems inconceivably young and I was inconceivably bewildered that only horses understood that something horrible had begun to happen in my legs and feet.

I can clearly remember how for that birthday I rode my brown mare Bellini down as usual to my father’s letterbox on Old Copmanhurst Road. Although the advance author copies of The Grass Sister had arrived early, far from any feeling of luck that they’d landed in the letterbox on my birthday, only dismay was sweeping through me. Whereas a few weeks before I could’ve vaulted back onto my horse with my backpack full of mail, on that day it had become a difficult scramble.

The multiple sclerosis that would defy diagnosis for another seven years was slowly but surely taking away my ability to ride even the quietest pony, let alone Bellini, my loveliness Wind of Song ex-barrier rogue, rescued by my eldest sister Yvonne from the brutality of a Brisbane track for me to purchase.

I felt a growing sorrow that as the mystery progressed, less and less chance existed for those moments when my own soul could meet my mare’s through a long pair of favourite old leather reins. My grief at seeing her sold wasn’t unconnected to the fact that whatever was happening in my body was inexorably also severing my links with my own horse-loving family….

On 1 January 2009 the realisation dawned that Yvonne might never send out her book. I could wait no longer. My wholehearted attempts to write first a play and then a wisdom cat fable had, against all expectation and effort, utterly failed. Now I felt in a race with myself. In honour of Stow’s claim that fuelled by pork pie he wrote all his novels fast, I resolved to have a final draft of Foal’s Bread finished by the first day of spring. Memories of that kind of Newton Boyd country west of Grafton but before the Great Dividing Range, informed my writing days.

Even though I was thousands of miles away from the Clarence River, ghosts of horses of the past seemed to walk right into my writing room. When I’d typed the draft of each week’s chapter onto my computer I even developed the habit of throwing a cloth over it and the printer, as if they were horses to be rugged before nightfall. Then I could practically feel the warmth of a horse. I could feel that I really was clipping up the back legs straps of a rug as a cold wind sprang up off the river….

Read the rest of the story here.

* Photograph: The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 November 2012

Saturday, 21 February 2015

New Yulgilbar Fellowship now open to Clarence Valley visual artists

Clarence Valley Council media release:

February 19, 2015

New Yulgilbar Fellowship now open to Clarence Valley visual artists

A GRAFTON Regional Gallery Travelling Fellowship for 2015 is now open for applications from visual
artists living and working in the Clarence Valley.

This inaugural $10,000 fellowship is dedicated to Clarence Valley artists wanting to travel to locations in
Australia or overseas in order to develop ideas, skills and contacts and explore and experience creative
and innovative visual arts.

Gallery director, Jude McBean, said the Fellowship, supported by the Yulgilbar Foundation, was open to
Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists, groups and individuals and was only limited by the artist’s

“We encourage applications from visual artists of all mediums and levels who reside in the Clarence
Valley Council area. Our aim with this Fellowship is to allow the successful applicant to explore what is
important to them, their work and career,” she said.

“This is a significant opportunity for Clarence Valley artists to have experiences that they couldn’t
ordinarily afford and to be paid for their time in committing to such an opportunity. Applications could
include meeting or visiting inspiring artists, galleries or regions, to participate in workshops, residencies,
visual art festivals biennales or conferences.”

Application forms and guidelines are available through the gallery on or via

Inquiries can also be made to fellowship coordinator, Jane Kreis, on 0409 814 067 or at

Margaret Olley's The Yellow Room studio recreated at Tweed Regional Gallery until Sunday 15 March 2015

The Yellow Room exhibition celebrates its name-sake — the small, unassuming, pale yellow room at the rear of the Victorian terrace that formed part of Olley’s home studio at 48 Duxford Street, Paddington, Sydney. The significance of the room to Olley’s life and work lead to its re-creation at the Margaret Olley Art Centre.

The exhibition features a stunning selection of yellow room still lifes and interiors from the early 1990s until 2011, the year of her death

It also features preparatory sketches and unfinished paintings that reveal more of the process behind Olley’s work. 

Her process is the inspiration for an interactive digital painting program that visitors can use to create their own artwork in the MOAC.

Margaret Olley (1923 - 2011) Yellow Room, Evening 1993 oil on board
Private collection, Brisbane, courtesy of Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane

Tweed Regional Galley: 2 Mistral Road (Cnr Tweed Valley Way) Murwillumbah South NSW 2484 
Opening hours: Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Closed Good Friday and Christmas Day.
CLOSED to the public on Monday and Tuesday

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lower Clarence Arts & Crafts Association 49th consecutive Open Annual Competitive Arts and Crafts Exhibition 4-6 July 2014 at Gulmarrad

This year is the 49th consecutive Open Annual Competitive Arts and Crafts Exhibition. It will be open over three days from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 July at Gulmarrad School this year, and will be well worth your visit. There will be market stalls, food and music, demonstrations of art and craft, and a wonderful display of the talents of the Clarence Valley. Tell your rellies and bring your friends!

Gulmarrad Public School
466 Brooms Head Road, Gulmarrad NSW 2463 – approx. 5km from Maclean

Exhibition open 9am to 4pm Friday & Saturday, 9.30am to 2.30pm Sunday

Entry fee $5 Adults
Children under 12 FREE

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Jubilee Venn Diagrams? Clarence Valley Mayor's motives questioned

Josh Wodak 
Josh Wodak
Carbon Sink, Josh Wodak
Josh Wodak

Letter to the Editor on Page 9 of The Daily Examiner, 17 February 2014:

On the count of three
I attended the opening on Friday night at the Regional Gallery of an exhibition by Josh Wodak titled Jubilee Venn Diagrams.
I was there because Josh had invited me and a number of other locals to be part of his project. This entailed standing in the Clarence River and draping coloured ropes or holding and throwing coloured balls which represented rising sea levels, increasing carbon dioxide levels and increasing temperature.
It was an unusual experience for me, but as a project publicising climate change I was only too happy to get involved.
There were a number of other locals there for the opening of the exhibition, but it coincided with another exhibition opening Three of a Kind by local artist Graham Mackie and his associates James Willebrant and Soren Carlbergg.
Jude McBean in her opening address described the two exhibitions and explained that Josh could not be present as he was at another exhibition opening in Sydney.
The mayor, Richie Williamson was to officially open both exhibitions, but if you listened carefully to his address, which involved numerous references to cricket, drinking alcohol and generally to being a mate of the artist Graham, you would be forgiven for thinking that there was only one exhibition on at the gallery that night. I didn't see him even enter the room where Josh's exhibition was displayed.
This is not good enough from the head of our council. It was a bit rude and insulting that he didn't make mention once to the other exhibition and begs the question did he deliberately ignore it because of its environmental flavour or did he just not do his homework and was unaware that there was a second exhibition that he was supposed to be opening.
Either way it is not good enough Richie!
I think that a public apology is warranted.
This is no criticism of the gallery, Jude McBean or the three other artists.
Dr Greg. P. Clancy
Coutts Crossing

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Take the plunge and experience arts and culture in the Clarence Valley, 26 March - 26 April 2014

PLUNGE 2014 : 26 March - 26 April 2014 

Sydney Film Festival -Travelling Film Festival
Saraton Theatre, 99 Prince Street, Grafton
Yamba Cinema, 13 Coldstream St, Yamba
Grafton:27 March to 30 March
Yamba:28 March to 31 March
One of Australia’s longest-running touring festivals and a much-loved cinematic event, founding by David Stratton back in 1974, the Travelling Film Festival is coming to the Clarence Valley in March 2014.
Saraton Theatre -50th Anniversary Celebration: Roy Orbison & Del Shannon
Saraton Theatre, 99 Prince Street, Grafton
4 April 2014, 8pm
Come and relive the magic and the classic hits of two of the world’s greatest Rock’n’Roll Music Legends of all time. 2014 marks a magnificent milestone as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1964 release of Roy Orbison’s iconic worldwide smash hit single “Oh Pretty Woman”.
Arts Northern Rivers / Clarence Valley Council -Clarence Pop-Up Shop
Maclean - visit website for details
15 April to 20 April
Arts Northern Rivers has partnered up with Clarence Valley Council to take our Northern Rivers Creative Pop-Up Shop on the road and cute as a button Maclean is the first stop on this creative industries roadshow. The space will host a brilliant program of skills development workshops for artists, lively industry forums for businesses and be decked out with wares by some amazing Clarence artists.
Lower Clarence Scottish Association -110th Maclean Highland Gathering
Maclean - various locations
18 April to 19 April
This is your chance to experience the caber toss, a massed pipe band display and a Highland fling! Each year on the Easter weekend, the “Scottish Town in Australia” comes alive to the sound of bagpipes and drums when Maclean attracts som 50 pipe bands and over 600 competitors for its Highland Gathering.
Clarence Valley Conservatorium -Grant Collins: Concert & 2 Day Drum Clinic
Clarence Valley Conservatorium, 8 Villiers Street, Grafton
28 March to 30 March
Australian master drummer, Grant Collins, is bringing the largest drum kit in the Southern Hemisphere to Grafton! The drum kit will make for one amazing concert to be held on the Friday night. On Saturday and Sunday, Grant will lead a 2 day drum clinic for junior and senior drummers.
The Danger Ensemble - The Holistic Performer Workshop
Grafton Community & Function Centre, 59 Duke Street, Grafton
Sat 26 April, 10am to 5pm
Following the great success of this workshop in 2013, The Danger Ensemble returns to the Clarence Valley to explore the use of the basic elements of theatre to create performance that impacts the senses and emotions.
Clarence Coast Theatrical Society Inc. -HMS Pinafore
Maclean Civic Hall and Yamba Bowling Club
4 April to 13 April
Set sail on Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore when it is performed in April by the Clarence Coast Theatrical Society.
City of Grafton Eisteddfod Society - 60th Anniversary: Grafton Eisteddfod Dance Section
South Grafton High School, Tyson Street, South Grafton
11 April to 17 April
Dancers aged 3 years and up from across Northern NSW and Southern QLD will perform in a variety of styles, with more prizes and scholarships on offer.
Grafton Regional Gallery - Rolling Stones: The Covers 1972 - 2010 exhibition
Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street, Grafton
26 March to 11 May
The cover of Rolling Stone magazine is a cultural icon, grace by everyone from politicians to pop stars. For the first time in history, 150 of the greatest Rolling Stone Australia covers, from the 1970 to the present, are on display.
Grafton Regional Gallery - Dave Funnell: Who said you have to buy a guitar?
Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street, Grafton
26 March to 11 May
Assemblage is not a common way to create a musical instrument however the Wombat Creek artist has created sculptures that look like and in a way play like guitars, banjos, ukuleles and mandolins.
Grafton Regional Gallery -Clarence Valley in Focus: Grafton
Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street, Grafton
26 March to 11 May
The gallery’s courtyard features the finalists of this year’s valley wide photography competition that sought to capture Clarence Valley’s music scene.
Clarence Valley Council -Clarence Valley in Focus: Yamba
Treelands Drive Community Centre, Treelands Drive, Yamba
26 March to 25 April
The foyer of Treelands Drive Community Centre will come alive with a large scale exhibition of the finalists of the 2013 Clarence Valley in Focus Competition.
Grafton Regional Gallery - John Millington: Bridges to Abstraction
Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street, Grafton
26 March to 11 May
Through revisiting the “hard edge” painting style of the 1960’s, the Maclean based artist explores themes of the rainforest, waterfalls, the sugar industry and open-cut mining. John’s artistic journey to this point of abstraction is documented through digital images of past works.
Grafton Regional gallery - Through the Lens: Marking the Centenary of WWI
Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street, Grafton
26 March to 11 May
Photographs along with cameras in use at the beginning of the 20thcentury from the Clarence Valley community form this exhibition held to mark the Centenary of World War I.
Friends of the Gallery - Rocking High Tea
Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street, Grafton
Sun 30 May, 2pm
Join us for high tea while we celebrate the rock & roll legends with delightful food from the Friends.  There are few more civilised things in this world than good conversation over an indulgent afternoon tea. Bookings essential.
Grafton Regional Gallery - Little SmARTies
Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street, Grafton
Wed 2 April, 10.30am
A creative program especially for preschool aged children to share with their parents. Each little smARTies session includes a tots’ gallery tour, creative art activities with local artists and a live tots’ music concert performed by the Clarence Valley Conservatorium.
Grafton Regional Gallery - Arts In Mind
Grafton Regional Gallery, 158 Fitzroy Street, Grafton
Tue 15 April, 10am
Community members who live with dementia and their carers are invited to join an interactive tour connecting participants in a shared intellectual activity through memory and personal insights. After the tour enjoy an informal gathering over morning tea at Piccolo in the gallery courtyard.
Kingstudio -Cultural Crossover - Exploring Vedic Cultural Traditions
Kingstudio, 105 River Street, Maclean
19 April to 11 May
Experience an exiting exhibition of new works from David Benson. David’s vibrant works in paint, print and collage explore the spiritual through David’s connection with and practice of Bhakti Yoga and the Hare Krsna movement.
Kingstudio - Ezy-Carve Print Workshops
Kingstudio, 105 River Street, Maclean
29 March to 27 April
A series of four 2-day print workshops will investigate block, scratch board, silk screen and digital printing. Each workshop is limited to 6 people and will focus on mixed media works that explore cultural and spiritual crossovers or your own specific project.
Bazil Grumble -School Holiday Workshops
Yamba Skate Park and Wooli Skate Park
13 April to 24 April
On offer are a series of workshops for young people and children including Monster Origami, Juggle-A-Rama and Clay Critter Adventure Walk. Download the program for full details and workshop schedule.
Clarence Valley Council - Face to Face: Children’s Intergenerational Portrait Workshops
Grafton Regional Gallery Studio and Maclean Civic Centre
14 April to 24 April
Face to Face is a free, hands-on children’s portrait workshop for creative kids aged 6-11 years old. Held in Grafton and Maclean, Face to Face gives children a unique opportunity to express their connection with their grandparents through art. Download the program for full details and workshop schedule.
Clarence Valley Libraries - Plunge into Memoir: Writing Your Life Story
Grafton Library / Maclean Library / Wool St Hall (Yamba) / Iluka Library
26 March to 4 April
I’m guessing you have a few stories up your sleeve. Stories you haven’t told the kids about yet, let alone the grandkids! Here’s your chance to open the vault and let the memories loose, put them into words and create your own life story.
Grafton Art Club Inc. - Grafton Art Club Open Day
Grafton Art Club Centre, 365 Dobie Street, Grafton
Sat 29 March, 10am to 3pm
Establish in 1968, Grafton Art Club will be holding an open day at its Art Club Centre. It will be an opportunity for you to see demonstrations of many different media and techniques, browse the display of artworks and check out the wide variety of activities and classes offered.
Grafton Art Club Inc. - Get Creative! Youth Art Workshop
Grafton Community & Function Centre, 59 Duke Street, Grafton
15 April to 17 April
Here is an opportunity for young people aged 7-to-18 years to explore a variety of mediums and techniques under the guidance of the Youth Art Coordinator, Rhondella Hyde. All materials included in the workshop cost.
Upson Downs Artisans Group -Master Artisans Exhibition
‘Westmoreland House’ Upson Downs, 2952 Clarence Way, Winegrove
28 March to 30 March
Don’t miss the fantastic collection of artworks by the Upson Downs Artisans Group! Opening Night will be on Friday 28 March, 5pm to 7pm. All welcome. For more details, download the program.
Upson Downs Artisans Group -Harp, Hebel & Knife Making Workshops
‘Westmoreland House’ Upson Downs, 2952 Clarence Way, Winegrove
13 April to 20 April
Join Geoff Welham for a harp making workshop or Tommy Welham for a knife making workshop or Linda Westmoreland for a Hebel workshop! For more details, download the program.
Port of Yamba Historical Society - Yamba Museum
Yamba Museum, River Street, Yamba
The award-winning Yamba Museum is conveniently located in the heart of Yamba. The displays interpret Yamba’s strong maritime history and the importance of the mighty Clarence River to this area.
Island Collective -Tonight I Am Swimming To The Island
Island Collective, Unit 1, 16 Uki Street, Yamba
28 March to 11 April
Contemporary artists in the Clarence Valley and other creative industries professionals were invited to respond to the theme “Tonight I am swimming to the island” in a conceptual or representational manner.
This Is Art Market
The Barn, Grafton Showground, Prince Street, Grafton
Sun 30 March, 9am to 2pm
This Is Art Market is an annual stall market, dedicated to art. The market will showcase a diverse range of affordable art from artists in the Clarence Valley and surrounding areas, along with fantastic food and beverage stalls, live music and a relaxing atmosphere.
Simply Handmade Markets Yamba
Raymond Laurie Sports Complex, 78 Angourie Road, Yamba
Sun 13 April, 9am to 2pm
Simply Handmade Markets in Yamba are bringing together talented artists, designers, stylists, craftspeople and gourmets all to one destination. This is a unique event not to be missed.
Weekly & Monthly Markets
Various locations across the Clarence Valley
Download the program and get the updated Weekly & Monthly Markets schedule.