Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Nelson's 'headland' speech obviously written on the rocks below

Well, I have to say Brendan Nelson's speech to the National Press Club yesterday was really something.
He invoked the ghost of Ming and called on the political corpse of Howard to pick up its bed and walk, as he uttered the mother of all redundant speeches.
Nothing new in it or the subsequent Q&A. In fact he went so far as to promise that there would be no change from the status quo.
The whole thing was just a reworking of Liberal Party broad motherhood statements with a dash of the (by now obligatory) half-repudiation of former policies. 
The right's usual anti-Islamic rhetoric tossed in to spice the mix and a verbal dump on indigenous Aussies for good measure.
Little Brennie going on to garnish the whole with a sudden discovery of the very issues which have troubled this country for the last eleven years, and an earnest pledge to do-something-about-it.
A short blast on a dog whistle to establish his credentials as leader of the morals police.
Then throwing in a tear jerker or two to let us know that he has a heart after all.
Barefaced hypocrisy at its best.
The Age today labelled the 'vision' speech as "rose water" and "gobbledegook".
Myself, watching the entire speech on ABC 1 fair made me want to chunder.

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