Monday, 17 March 2008

Ice on skids - a glacier meltdown graph

Glaciers are making the news again in the Australian media.

"Since 1980, glaciers have thinned by about 11.5 metres in a retreat blamed by the UN Climate Panel mainly on human use of fossil fuels. The thaw could disrupt everything from farming -- millions of people in Asia depend on seasonal melt water from the Himalayas -- and power generation to winter sports. The thaw could also raise world sea levels. UNEP said glaciers were among the clearest indicators of global warming. "There are many canaries emerging in the climate change coal mine. The glaciers are perhaps among those making the most noise," said Achim Steiner, head of UNEP."

The World Glacier Monitoring Service has this
visual representation of glacier ice net balance which brings home just how fast this melt is occurring.

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