Saturday, 22 March 2008

Obama team lashes out: Clinton will "do and say anything" McCain wants "100 years of war"

With the racial attitudes issue muddying waters in the US presidential nomination race, Barack Obama now refocusses attention on his opposition to the war in Iraq.
Pity that this much publicised opposition didn't include voting in the US Senate to starve George W's war machine.
Here is the latest email from the Obama camp, with its usual bottom line request for more money.
Senator Clinton and Senator McCain are reading from the same political playbook as they attack Barack on foreign policy.
They have both criticized Barack's commitment to act against top al Qaeda terrorists if others can't or won't act.
And they have both dismissed his call for renewed diplomacy as naïve while mistakenly standing behind George Bush's policy of non-engagement that just isn't working.
But most of all -- after five years of overwhelming evidence that we are less safe, less able to shape events abroad, and more divided at home -- Senator Clinton and Senator McCain are failing to address the consequences of a war they both supported that should have never been authorized and never been waged.
We need a leader who had the judgment to oppose this war before it began and who has a clear plan to end it.
But Barack is facing a two-front battle against Senator Clinton and Senator McCain. Make a donation of $25 to support this campaign today:
We knew at the beginning of this campaign that we'd be up against the full force of the conventional thinking that grips Washington.
But no one could have imagined it would go on this long, or that we'd have to fight this battle on two fronts at the same time.
Senator Clinton's campaign, with her chances of winning dwindling and our delegate lead even larger than it was before her so-called comeback on March 4th, has adopted a "kitchen-sink" strategy to throw everything they can at us. Her campaign has made it clear they will do and say anything to win this nomination.
Senator McCain, now the presumptive Republican nominee, is already running his general election campaign. He's so eager to justify another 100 years of war in Iraq and drum up conflict with Iran that he and his campaign have been making sloppy and woefully false assertions about links between Iran and al Qaeda in Iraq.
We've got to take on both Senator Clinton and Senator McCain at the same time.
Your support now is more important than ever -- please make a donation of $25:
Yesterday, Barack laid out a clear plan to make America more secure and end the war in Iraq.
Today, he laid out the economic costs of the war that Senator Clinton and Senator McCain supported.
In both speeches -- and in his speech on race in America earlier this week -- Barack Obama demonstrated that he is the candidate with the courage and judgment to tackle the challenges we face.
The choice Americans have in this election is clear -- and your support right now sends a message to those who support the status quo that it is time for a new kind of leadership.
Please do what you can to help fight this two-front battle for change:
Thank you,
David Plouffe
Campaign Manager
Obama for America

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